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The genus Laetiporus was described by Murrill (1904) typified by Agaricus speciosus Battarra [= Polyporus sulphureus (Bull.: Fr.)] as a monotypic genus. The type species, L. sulphureus (Bull.: Fr.) Murrill, is characterized by the bright orange to yellow colored pileus, soft and fleshy context and dimitic hyphal system with simple septate generative and binding hyphae. Laetiporus sulphureus (L. sulphureus sensu lato) has been considered a cosmopolitan species distributed from boreal to tropical zones (Gilbertson & Ryvarden 1986; Hood 2003; Núñez & Ryvarden 2001; Ryvarden & Gilbertson 1993; Ryvarden & Johansen 1980). In addition to L. sulphureus s. l., the following species with different colorations and/or morphologies are accepted in Laetiporus on the basis of the hyphal characters and the decay type: L. baudonii (Pat.) Ryvarden, L. persicinus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb., L. portentosus (Berk.) Rajchenb. (Gilbertson 1981; Ryvarden 1991; Rajchenberg 1995). However, a recent phylogenetic study showed that Laetiporus was not monophyletic and at least L. persicinus and L. portentosus fell outside the “core Laetiporus clade” (Lindner & Banik 2008).

Here, descriptions and an interactive multi-access key to identify "core Laetiporus" species known from East Asia, Europe and North America (Burdsall & Banik 2001; Ota et al. in preparation) are provided.


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