Basidiocarp aggregation

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the manners in which numbers of pilei and how the pilei grow on the substrate

  1. Single (solitary): pileus appears alone.
  2. Imbricate: several pilei appear from a common base widely attached to the substrate; each pileus is overlapping one another, like shingles on a roof.
  3. Imbricate from a common stem: several pilei appear from the common narrow base (stem or stipe).
  4. Rosette: several pilei are arranged in a circular.



  1. 単生:傘は1枚だけで発生するもの。
  2. 重生:共通の広がった基部より複数の傘が重なり合って発生するもの。
  3. 共通の柄から重なり合って発生する:共通の細くなった基部(柄)から複数の傘が重なり合って発生するもの。
  4. ロゼット:共通の基部から傘が四方に円形に広がって発生するもの。


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Figres 1,3 and 4: by Y OTA.