Texture of aerial mycelium in culture

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The categories and definitions of texture of aerial mycelium mat were used described by Stalpers (1978). One or more terms will be used for description of the texture.

  1. Absent: mycelium only submerged. The surface of the agar may be even or chamois-like.
  2. Downy: with fine, short, erect hyphae. The whole colony usually is transparent
  3. Farinaceous: mealy, powdery.
  4. Granular: covered with minute grains.
  5. Cottony: rather long, single mycelia hyphae spreading in all directions.
  6. Woolly: fairly long interwoven hyphae or groups of hyphae, somewhat matted, resembling woolen cloth.
  7. Floccose: small hyphal tufts, standing out from the agar or from the aerial mycelium.
  8. Plumose: mycelia tufts with short or long hyphae or groups or hyphae radiating from the central axis, often in fan-like arrangement.
  9. Pellicle or subfelty: covered with thin, low, coherent mycelium.
  10. Felty: cottony or wooly mycelium much has become matted or packed; emerging hyphae absent.
  11. Velvety: a dense mat of erect, straight hyphae, usually short.
  12. Crustose: hyphae forming a solid, hard crust, usually dark brown (many Hymenochaetaceae) but sometimes cream or white.
  13. Lacunose: mycelial surface depressed or indented.
  14. Zonate: with concentric bands or segments of different texture.