Laetiporus conifericola Burds. & Banik

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Laetiporus conifericola Burds. & Banik, Harvard Papers in Botany 6:47, 2001.

Basidiocarps annual, laterally stipitate, substipitate or sessile, imbricate; pilei dimidiate, up to 25cm long, 15cm wide, and 3cm thick, upper surface bright orange to salmon orange when fresh (Burdsall & Banik 2001), bright ochraceous when dry; pore surface lemon yellow to bright creamy yellow when fresh (Burdsall & Banik 2001), fading to pale tan on drying, pores nearly circular at first, becoming more angular in age, 2-4 per mm; tube layer, up to 5 mm thick; context pale yellow, drying crumbly or chalky, up to 2cm thick. Hyphal system dimitic; contextual generative hyphae thin-walled, hyaline, simple-septate, with rare branching, up to 15 µm in diam.; contextual binding hyphae firm- to thick-walled hyaline, nonseptate, much branched and interlocking, up to 18 µm in diam.; tramal generative hyphae thin-walled, hyalines simple-septate, 2.5-5 µm in diam.; tramal skeletal hyphae thick to firm-walled, 2.5-5 µm in diam. Basidia clavate, 4 sterigmate, tubular, 15 × 7.5 µm (Burdsall & Banik 2001), simple-septate at the base. Basidiospores ovoid to ellipsoid, hyaline, smooth, IKI-, CB-, 6-8 × 4-6 µm, L = 7.3 µm, W = 4.9 µm, r = 1.48 , R = 1.20-1.75, (6.5-8.0 × 4.0-5.0 µm by Burdsall & Banik 2001).

Substrata: mature and over mature living and dead conifers.

Distribution: the western USA from California to Alaska.

Type of rot: brown rot.

DNA sequence (nuclear ribosomal DNA of ITS1, 5.8S and ITS2): EU402578[[1]], EU402577[[2]], EU402576[[3]], EU402575[[4]], EU402574[[5]]


子実体は1年生、側生の柄を持つあるいは無柄、複数の傘が重なり合って発生する。は貝殻型、長さ25cm、幅15cm、厚さ3cm。傘の表面は生時は明るいオレンジ色からサーモンオレンジ色、のちに色あせて淡褐色になる。子実層托は菅孔状、菅孔表面はレモンイエローから明るい黄色クリーム色、のちに色あせて淡褐色になる。孔口ははじめ円形のちにより角型になる。2-4個/mm。菅孔の長さは5mm以下。傘肉は淡黄色、新鮮時は多湿柔軟でもろい肉質、古くなり乾燥するともろく砕けやすくなる。厚さ2cm以下。 子実体組織の菌糸型は2菌糸型:傘肉の原菌糸は無色、薄壁、クランプをもたない、ほとんど分岐しない、径15µm以下。結合菌糸は径18 µm以下。実質組織の原菌糸は薄壁、無色、クランプを欠く、径2.5-5.0µm。骨格菌糸は厚壁、無色、径2.5-5.0µm。 担子器は4小柄、大きさ15 × 7.5µm (Burdsall & Banik 2001)、基部にクランプを欠く。 担子胞子は楕円形~卵形、無色、平滑、IKI-, CB-, 6-8 × 4-6 µm, L = 7.3 µm, W = 4.9 µm, r = 1.48 , R = 1.20-1.75, (Ota et al. in preparation) (6.5-8.0 × 4.0-5.0 µm by Burdsall & Banik 2001) 。

基質および宿主: 針葉樹大木、老齢樹。枯死木、生木。

分布: 北アメリカ西部(カリフォルニア州からアラスカ州にかけて)