Pileus shape, top view

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Shape when looking from side of the pileus.

  1. orbicular (round, ovate): round shaped.
  2. flabelliform: fan-shaped.
  3. petaloid: shaped like the petal of a flower, narrowed at the attachment. of the sporocarp and expanded outward.
  4. spatulate (spathulate): shaped like a spatula or spoon, narrowed the point of attachment but expanded at the top or tip and with a round apex.
  5. dimidiate: semicircular (half round) in outline with one half very much smaller than the other; shell like.
  6. semicircular: half round with broad attachment (sessile).
  7. elongated: long and thin shape with broad attachment (sessile).



  1. 円形
  2. 扇型
  3. 花びら型
  4. へら型
  5. 貝殻型
  6. 半円型
  7. 細長型


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