Basidiospore shape

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Shape in side view of the basidiospore. Q (quotient) = ratio of length/width of a basidiospore.

  1. Globose(spherical): the perfectly round spore, Q = 1.0-1.05
  2. Subglobose: nearly round, Q = 1.05-1.15,
  3. Broadly ellipsoid (short ellipsoid):, the shape between subglobose and ellipsoid, Q = 1.15-1.30
  4. Ellipsoid: the simplest equilateral spore in which the ends are rounded and the sides are curved Q = 1.30-1.60
  5. Ovoid: shaped like an egg
  6. Elongate (= oblong): the side are almost parallel, the ends squarish,
  7. Cylindric: the sides are more or less parallel
  8. Bacciliform: the sides are parallel, the ends more or less roundish.



  1. 球形
  2. 類球形
  3. 広楕円形
  4. 楕円形
  5. 卵型
  6. 長楕円形
  7. 円筒形
  8. 棹形