Pore shape

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The shape of the mouth of tube in pore fungi

  1. round
  2. angular: not regular in outline, not rounded.
  3. elongated: becoming longer.
  4. labyrinthine: having, or composed of, sinuous lines; Like a labyrinth.
  5. irregular: showing some variation in pore shape and/or pore size.

cf:Sinuous:wavy serpentine (serpentine: bending and twisting like a snake) Labyrinthine: having, or composed of, sinuous lines; like a labyrinth Daedaleoid: having the mouths of the tubes elongate and sinuous as in Daedalea, having a character of Daedalea



  1. 円形
  2. 角型、多角型、角ばった
  3. 細長い
  4. 迷路状
  5. 不規則


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