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fascicle also fasciculus (noun; plural fasciculi, fascicles; Latin diminutive fascia, bundle): 1. A small bundle or tuft.

2. A bundle of nerve or muscle fibers.

3. (Annelida) A bundle of setae originating from a common muscular source, normally two dorsolateral and two ventrolateral fasciculi per segment.

4. (Arthropoda) A stylet bundle or combination of mouthparts of blood-feeding arthropods that function to pierce the skin.

5. (Cnidaria) Tubes intergrown together to form a stem or branches.

6. (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) A bundle of hairs or bristles against each valve end.

7. (Porifera) Fibers intertwined in bundles to produce complex interlocking tracts.