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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Buprestidae


Marikia Bílý, 2013 gen. n.Wikispecies linkZooBank linkPensoft Profile

Type species

Anthaxia (Cylindrophora) descarpentriesi Cobos, 1956 by present designation.


Medium-sized (4.0–5.5 mm), flat, black, lustrous, entirely asetose.
Head as wide as anterior pronotal margin; clypeus broadly trapezoidal, anterior margin finely emarginate; frons flat to weakly depressed, vertex flat, 2.5 times as wide as width of eye; eyes reniform to elliptical, not projecting beyond outline of head; antennae filiform, slightly overlapping midlength of lateral pronotal margins when laid alongside; pedicel as wide as scape, 1.5 times as long as wide; antennomeres 4–10 sharply triangular to trapezoidal, terminal antennomere prolonged, 2.5 times as long as wide.
Pronotum moderately convex, 2.4 times as wide as long, posterior angles obtuse-angled; lateroposterior depressions small, shallow, situated at posterior corners of pronotum; “agriloid” carina sharp, reaching midlength of lateral margins, very close to the lateral pronotal carina; pronotal sculpture consisting of very fine, almost indistinct, transversely widened cells and rugae; basal tubercles missing, prescutellar pit wide but shallow. Scutellum small, triangular, weakly depressed, microsculptured, slightly longer than wide.
Elytra 2.2 times as long as wide, weakly convex, somewhat uneven, parallel-sided at anterior two thirds, nearly regularly tapering at posterior third; apices narrowly rounded, very slightly caudiform, without distinct serrations; humeral swellings well defined, transverse basal depression deep, wide, reaching scutellum, interrupted by lustrous tubercle near humeri; elytral epipleura narrowing posteriorly, reaching apical third of elytral margins; subhumeral carina indistinct; elytral sculpture consisting of simple punctures and short, irregular, transverse rugae; elytral suture strongly elevated in posterior half.
Suture between ventrites 1 and 2 missing; anal ventrite widely rounded, with fine lateral serrations, anal tergite truncate without distinct serrations. Prosternum flat, prosternal process slightly enlarged behind procoxae. Legs long, unmodified, tarsi somewhat widened. Tarsal claws simple, slender, moderately curved.
Aedeagus (Figs 76, 77 in Cobos 1956[1]) short, widely spindle-shaped, median lobe pointed apically.


The genus Marikia gen. n. (feminine) is named in the honour of my life long friend and colleague Mark (Marik) G. Volkovitsh (St. Petersburg, Russia) with many thanks for his help, cooperation and hospitality during my stays in St. Petersburg.

Differential diagnosis

The genus Marikia gen. n. somewhat resembles by its dark colouration, flattened body and narrowly acuminate elytra some small species of the tribe Melanophilini Bedel, 1921. Among the Neotropical Anthaxiina it is most similar to the genus Anthaxita gen. n. from which it differs (except for the characters given in the key) by the lustrous and flat, entirely asetose body, narrow clypeus, longer and slender antennae, indistinct pronotal sculpture, long, sharp “agriloid” carina, triangular scutellum, posteriorly widened prosternal process, uneven and somewhat caudiform elytra, strongly elevated elytral suture and by the rudimental subhumeral carina.



Original Description

  • Bílý, S; 2013: A study on the Neotropical Anthaxiini (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Buprestinae) ZooKeys, 304: 17-47. doi

Other References

  1. Cobos A (1956) Ensayo monográfico sobre las Anthaxia Eschs. (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) de América. Primera parte: Subgéneros Cylindrophora Sol. y Paracuris Obenb. Archivos de Instituto de Aclimatación (Almería) 5: 103-165.