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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Buprestidae


Agrilaxia Kerremans, 1903Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

Type species

Anthaxia flavimana Gory, 1841 (subsequent designation: Chamberlin, 1926[1]).
The genus Agrilaxia was described by Kerremans (1903)[2] and 19 mostly Neotropical species were included without designation of a type species. Agrilaxia flavimana Gory, 1841 was subsequently designated by Chamberlein (1926)[1] as the type species of the genus. Later on, the genus Agrilaxia was synonymized by Théry (1930)[3] with Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829, ressurected again as a valid genus by Obenberger (1930)[4], then finally treated as a subgenus of Anthaxia by Cobos (1972)[5]; this concept was followed also by Bílý (1984[6], 1993[7]). Bílý & Bellamy (1999)[8] upgraded Agrilaxia again to the generic level which was followed by Bílý (2000[9], 2004[10]) and Bellamy (2008)[11].
The genus was revised by Cobos (1972)[5] (as a subgenus of Anthaxia) who described the most of the Neotropical species. Subsequently several species were described also by Bílý (1984[6], 1985[12], 1993[7]), Bílý & Westcott (2005)[13], Cobos (1986)[14] and by Bílý & Brûlé (in press)[15]. The morphology and the characters specific to the genus Agrilaxia were discussed by Cobos (1972)[5] and Bílý & Brûlé (in press)[15].
Even after separation of some species as independent genera (see above), the genus remains still rather heterogeneous. I propose that first, the small and rather homogeneous group of species with short, green or violet, wedge shaped body should be split as the separate subgenus Costiptera subgen. nov (see below).

Taxon Treatment

  • Bílý, S; 2013: A study on the Neotropical Anthaxiini (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Buprestinae) ZooKeys, 304: 17-47. doi

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