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areola also areole noun; plural areolae, areolas: (areoles) [Latin diminutive area, small open place] 1. (Arthropoda: Crustacea) In crayfish, the longitudinal strip between the brachiocardiac grooves and posterior to the cervical groove on the dorsum. 2. (Arthropoda: Insecta) a. An accessory wing cell of Lepidoptera

See also: basal cell. b. In ichneumonid Hymenoptera, the pentagonal or hexagonal area on the propodeum enclosed by carinae. 3. (Bryozoa: Gymnolaemata) In cheilostomes, a small opening in the frontal wall connecting the endocyst with the ectocyst. 4. (Echinodermata) see scrobicula. 5. (NEMATA) A small area within longitudinal striae delimited by transverse annuli. 6. (Nematomorpha) Round or polygonal cuticular plates, sometimes containing pores, that may exude a lubricant onto the cuticle surface, aiding tight-coiling behavioral movements