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A simplified version of Template:Cached Copy (see there), specific to Wikimedia commons. It also adds a new parameter: lastuploader

The parameters are simplified to only:

  • file= (without the File: prefix)
  • lastuploader =for the name of the last user uploading this file on commons (not sufficient for licensing and attribution purposes, this user may only have modified someone elses original work.
  • time= (optional).

Example: {{Cached_Commons_Copy|file=x.jpg|lastuploader=xxuser|time=2011-08-23 : 20:12}} results in:

This media item is originally from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:x.jpg, last uploaded by xxuser; it was copied to a local repository as a caching mechanism to speed up page rendering and to prevent links to break when media items are renamed on commons. For a full list of earlier authors and contributors please refer to the file version history and the metadata version history in the repository from which this media item has been copied.

Below you find the original information from the metadata page at the time of copying (2011-08-23 : 20:12):