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This template is meant to display data on an image copied from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. It produces a red-bordered box with the following parameters (marked in blue):

This media item is originally from (source = file URL); it was copied to a local repository as a caching mechanism to speed up page rendering and to prevent links to break when media items are renamed on Commons. For a full list of earlier authors and contributors please refer to the [(source = file URL)#filehistory file version history] and the [(creators = file history URL) metadata version history] in the repository from which this media item has been copied.
Below you find the original information from the metadata page at the time of copying (time or date):

The parameter time is optional. Call the template in the following format:

{{Cached Copy

Click on the edit tab to see the script of this template. The use of the template should be followed by a copy of the orginal information on the author(s), date, licencing, etc..