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Type “String”

  • IS DEPRECATED since SMW +1.8, type “text” will be used
  • is sortable and can be searched
  • is limited to 255 characters

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Imported from: (Darwin Core Terms (DwC))
See also import page MediaWiki:Smw_import_dwc
This page lists all occurrences of property: dwc:scientificName in OpenMedia.
Annotations: The full scientific name, with authorship and date information if known. When forming part of an Identification, this should be the name in lowest level taxonomic rank that can be determined. This term should not contain identification qualifications, which should instead be supplied in the IdentificationQualifier term.
See also the other properties of this concept of dwc

These properties are also defined and described on the System page MediaWiki:Smw import dwc:
Common Name, dwc:associatedMedia, dwc:scientificName, dwc:vernacularName, Scientific Name with Author, Subject Sex

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OrchideeBlüte (Lisa Silbernagl).JPG +''Cephalanthera rubra'' (L.) Rich.  +


Carex atrata atrata +Carex atrata L.  +
Leontodon autumnalis +Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench  +


Rhynchospora holoschoenoides +Rhynchospora holoschoenoides (Rich.) Herter  +


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