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Template “Property setting” is used to set just basic property settings (hopefully sometime automatically by SMW-#autoedit).


Parameter in bold are mandatory, all other are optional:

{{Property setting
|has type=       → mandatory (one of SMW Special:Types, "String" is assumend when no value is given)
|has fields=     → used when “has type” is “Record”   (; separated, e.g.: "property1; property2")
|display units=  → used when “has type” is “Quantities” (, separated, e.g.: "W, kW")
|corresponds to= → used when “has type” is “Quantities” (; separated, e.g.: "1 W, Watt, Watts; 0.001 kW")
|imported from=  → optional, (uses imported page by MediaWiki:Smw_import_local-ns-prefix, details see Help SMW import vocabulary)
|annotations=    → optional free text





See talk page.

  • add parameter (to have multiple settings possible)?

Technical documentation

Shall the parameter be removed?
|imported from → it is set  automatically when a page "MediaWiki:Smw_import…" exists
Removed parameter in favour of #ask query
|heading=        → use automatically #ask with skos:inScheme
|label=          → use automatically #ask with skos:prefLabel
|categories=     → can be set manually if needed or TODO set them from #ask 
|subproperty of= → set automatically rdfs:subPropertyOf #asked from corresponding Concept page