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Wikis as tools to publish scholarly workflows


While science can be regarded as a wiki, wikis can in turn be used for publishing and archiving scholarly workflows along all steps of the research cycle - i.e. for planning, recording, documenting and otherwise describing scientific research, optionally in a collaborative manner - thereby highlighting science as a process and scientists working on a given topic as a community.

Compared to traditional PDF-based publishing, a wiki (understood here as a collaboratively editable system of hyperlinked documents with a public version history) provides a wider range of possibilities in terms of perpetual public peer review, contextualization, semantic annotation and other forms of web-based enhancement, along with updatability and integration with interactive and other time-variant media.


Daniel Mietchen, Science 3.0 and EvoMRI

IT requirements


This talk will be given on-wiki (landing page: It will be very similar (in both content and presentation) to the one available via


Any machine not older than three years will do. When connected to the beamer, the effective screen resolution should be 1280 by 1024 or 1600 by 1280.



  • Stable LAN for the presenter
  • Stable WLAN for the audience