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A form for recording the higher taxa and the taxon name itself as part of a continuously written treatment (i.e. not a "taxobox" floating in the corner).


  • Ordo (latin for "Order")
  • Familia (latin for "Family")
  • Genus
  • Taxon name - name of taxon treated (a genus, species, infraspecific, etc.), without authority (author, year)
  • Taxon authority - authors and optionally year
  • Taxon status - optional (e. g. comb. n. or sp. n.)
  • Wikispecies page name - only the page name of the corresponding page on wikispecies.
  • ZooBank ID - only the id for Zoobank (usually starting with URN)
  • IPNI ID - only the id for IPNI (usually starting with URN)
  • Pensoft Profile

TODO Technical note: check for temporary replacement fix in {{{Pensoft Profile}}} (“_” → “+”).

Note: Without , a click on the section-edit button will edit this template, not the section in the including page. This is undesirable and confusing, so the better alternative is to disable section editing on pages containing this template.


{{{Specific name}}} {{{Infraspecific name}}}