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Documentation: the collection event documents collections of biological material with a locality/geocoordinates, a collector, date, etc.

The information may be given fully structured attribute-based (like filling fields in a form), or the whole or part of it may be given in a text attribute containing a mixture of free-form text with inner markup templates (e.g. Template:Geocoordinates, Template:Country, Template:Location, Template:Markup) in-between.

Do not fill the information in duplicate, e.g. Country=X and a country markup inside Text=; this would result in duplicate information in the output.


{{Collection Event | Country = Country | Locality = Locality | decimalLongitude = decimalLongitude | decimalLatitude = decimalLatitude | verbatimElevation = 3000 ft | minimumElevationInMeters = 1000 | maximumElevationInMeters = 1200 | Collector = Collector | CollectionDate = CollectionDate | YearCollected = YearCollected | MonthCollected = MonthCollected | DayCollected = DayCollected | content = free from text, optionally including template-based markup like {{Country|name=Brazil}} in the middle of the text. }}

results in:

Country Locality Coordinates: decimalLatitude N decimalLongitude W Wikipedia Plazi, 3000 ft, 1000-1200 m Collector CollectionDate YearCollected-MonthCollected-DayCollected free from text, optionally including template-based markup like Brazil in the middle of the text.