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fig. 1: Macrotrachelia sp., probably nigronitens

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NZIB checklist [p. 405]


  • Buchananiella whitei (Reuter, 1884) E
  • Cardiastethus brounianus White, 1878 E
  • Cardiastethus consors White, 1879 E
  • Cardiastethus poweri White, 1879 E
  • Lyctocoris (Lyctocoris) campestris (Fabricius, 1794) A
  • Maoricoris benefactor China, 1933 E [genus name underlined]
  • Orius (Heterorius) vicinus (Ribaut, 1923) A
  • Xylocoris (Proxylocoris) galactinus (Fieber, 1836) A

Corrections to NZIB

  • Buchananiella whitei (Reuter, 1884) E should read Buchananiella whitei Reuter, 1884
  • Hiura (1966: 9, fig. 1B) illustrated the male pygophore of a specimen from Picton, New Zealand, identified as Buchananiella continua (White, 1879)
  • this record appears to have been overlooked in all subsequent N.Z. literature, but must stand as uncontested
  • this suggests that Buchananiella whitei may prove to be a synonym of Buchananiella continua, though the distinction between them was upheld by Gross (1957: 133-135)
  • Lattin, Lewis & Horton (2001: 558) noted that 'his [Hiura's] drawing of the genital clasper agrees with the earlier illustration by Carayon (1957) of B. continua'

Additions to NZIB

  • Macrotrachelia sp., probably nigronitens (Stål, 1860) A [det. Horton & Lewis, 2011]
    • NOTES: it is proving very difficult to progress this record through to publication, as both the Horton/Lewis (USDA) investigation and an earlier (2008) investigation by MAF were discontinued after the involvement of M.-C. Lariviere (Landcare Research)
    • the species is well established around Auckland (and has been present for some time, c. 20 years or so), associated with thrips curled leaves on both Callistemon and Ficus microcarpa (see fig. 1)
    • the former host association has been noted by Mound & Walker (1986: 83) for the little-known Anthocoris austropiceus Gross, 1954 in Australia, which initially led me to very tentatively identify New Zealand material with this species
    • the possibility that Anthocoris austropiceus may be a synonym of Macrotrachelia nigronitens, and therefore an exotic species in Australia, requires further investigation
    • Anthocoris austropiceus is the only supposedly native Anthocorini in Australasia
    • Lewis, Horton & Broers (2005) reported Macrotrachelia sp., probably nigronitens from California
    • Larivière (2012: 3) has published a short note in a newsletter, giving "her spin" on the above sequence of events. She states that 'Some cross-over occurred between our U.S. and New Zealand investigations, but it did little to progress our case', and claims to have tentatively identified the N.Z. material herself as Macrotrachelia nigronitens, and basically claims that it is too difficult to confirm the identification with any certainty.

Additional notes

  • the first published identification of Xylocoris galactinus in New Zealand appears to be by Larivière & Larochelle (2004: 47), but it was not indicated to be the first, and they offered no supporting evidence for the identification (e.g. no indication of comparison with types, nor any diagnostic characters specified)
  • this is particularly worrying since X. flavipes is known to be very similar, and, according to Australian Faunal Directory, X. flavipes is present in Australia but X. galactinus is not


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