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This is a property of type String.

Definitions and properties of term Preferred label (term identifier: prefLabel):

Label: Preferred label (SKOS)
Definition:  Property:label is output in RDF as skos:prefLabel
Imported vocabulary  Imported from: skos:prefLabel (SKOS documentation)
Category  Category: Property used in ontologiesRDF feed

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Danielethus crenulatus +Danielethus crenulatus  +


GBIF rank/class +class  +
GBIF rank/cohort +cohort  +
GBIF rank/cultivar +cultivar  +
GBIF rank/cultivar group +cultivar-group  +
GBIF rank/domain +domain  +
GBIF rank/family +family  +
GBIF rank/form +form  +
GBIF rank/genus +genus  +
GBIF rank/infraorder +infraorder  +
GBIF rank/kingdom +kingdom  +
GBIF rank/order +order  +
GBIF rank/phylum +phylum  +
GBIF rank/section +section  +
GBIF rank/series +series  +
GBIF rank/species +species  +
GBIF rank/species aggregate +species aggregate  +
GBIF rank/strain +strain  +
GBIF rank/subclass +subclass  +
GBIF rank/subcohort +subcohort  +
GBIF rank/subfamily +subfamily  +
GBIF rank/subform +subform  +
GBIF rank/subgenus +subgenus  +
GBIF rank/subkingdom +subkingdom  +
GBIF rank/suborder +suborder  +
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