New Zealand Anacharitinae

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fig. 1: Aegilips? sp. from Tamaki Campus, New Zealand, body length about 2.5 mm
fig. 2: Aegilips? sp. (wing)
fig. 3: Aegilips? sp. (dorsal)
fig. 4: Aegilips? sp. (lateral)


Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Figitidae
Subfamilia: Anacharitinae Wikispecies link

Checklist of New Zealand Anacharitinae

(2 genera, 2 species)


  • the only species of Anacharitinae reported from New Zealand in the published literature is Anacharis zealandica
  • there is, however, a second species, as yet unreported in the published literature, and at present only tentatively identified as belonging to the genus Aegilips
  • there are a few specimens of the second species in NZAC, collected from various widespread localities, decades ago
  • I recently collected a specimen on vegetation by the pond on the Tamaki Campus, University of Auckland (see figs. 1-4)
  • the second species differs from Anacharis zealandica in several characters, such as by having only a short, sculptured petiole (see. fig. 4)

Stephen Thorpe 23:01, 3 February 2011 (CET)