Matatua maorica

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  • Original genus: Dikraneura Hardy, 1850
  • Original status: Valid species
  • Primary type: Holotype [Lectotype]
    • Fixation: Designated [Lectotype designated by Knight, 1976: 86]
    • Description: [Adult] female
    • Repository: BMNH [Lectotype]
  • Type locality: 'Long Acre, Wanganui' [NEW ZEALAND WI]
  • ZooBank


  • Knight, W.J. 1976: Typhlocybinae of New Zealand (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). New Zealand journal of zoology, 3(2): 71-87. doi Reference page [See p. 86; redescription (female) for Matatua maorica (Myers) n.comb.]
  • Myers, J.G. 1923: A contribution to the study of the New Zealand leaf-hoppers and plant-hoppers (Cicadellidae and Fulgoroidea). Transactions and proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 54: 407-429. BHL Reference page [See p. 423, and Figs. 16-18; original description (female) for Dikraneura maorica n. sp.]