Ilyphagus pluto

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Ordo: Terebellida
Familia: Flabelligeridae
Genus: Ilyphagus


Ilyphagus pluto Chamberlin, 1919Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Ilyphagus pluto Chamberlin, 1919:403; Hartman 1960[1]:132.

Material examined

Off Peru. Holotype (USNM 19721), 88 miles (141.7 km) SW Palominos Light House, R/V Albatross, Stat. 4672 (13°11'30"S, 78°18'00"W), 2845 fathoms (5206.4 m), 21 Nov. 1904.


This is a holothurian. The stout cylindrical processes forming a ‘complete closed circle'from the original description are actually tentacles surrounding the mouth. Each tentacle is short and branched, but each branch is like a wart, making them apparently crenulated. The long, typical reddish brown chaetae found penetrating the body belong to other, deep-water polychaetes, such as the aphroditid Laetmonice, which during dredging, frequently loose their chaetae. The holothurians belongs in the genus Meseres, currently in the family Synallactidae (O’Loughlin and Ahearn 2005[2]); after O’Loughlin (2002)[3], two species have been described from the same region: Meseres torvus (Théel, 1886) and Meseres macdonaldi Ludwig, 1894; however, the former species has an uncertain generic placement, whereas the second is retained in its genus (O’Loughlin and Ahearn 2005[2]).

Taxon Treatment

  • Salazar-Vallejo, S; 2012: Revision of Ilyphagus Chamberlin, 1919 (Polychaeta, Flabelligeridae) ZooKeys, 190: 1-19. doi

Other References

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