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Basic morphology of a member of the Fulgoromorpha (original source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Fulgoromorpha (planthoppers) are a subgroup of the Auchenorrhyncha which can be recognized by the combination of the following characters:

  • The antennae are inserted below the compound eyes (not in between the eyes).
  • On the forewings the clavus veins form a Y-shaped pattern.
  • The vertex is usually smaller compared to the 2nd subgroup of the Auchenorrhyncha, the Cicadomorpha (the leafhoppers and true cicadas).
  • Usually the base of the forewings is partly covered by a small shield, a tegula.
  • The coxae of the middle legs are elongated and well separated from each other.

The planthoppers include 20 families. A key to these families has been published in 2005 by Stephen W. Wilson (free access to full text of article).

Here, we are trying to develop additional illustrated keys for specific regions:

External links to similar illustrated on-line keys: