Diplachne fusca subsp. fascicularis

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Ordo: Poales
Familia: Poaceae
Genus: Diplachne


Diplachne fusca (Lam.) P.M. Peterson & N. Snow, Ann. Bot. 109: 1327. 2012.Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Festuca fascicularis Lam., Tabl. Encycl. 1: 189. 1791. Diplachne fascicularis (Lam.) P. Beauv., Ess. Agrostogr. 81, 160, pl. 16, f. 9. 1812. Cynodon fascicularis (Lam.) Raspail, Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. 5: 303. 1825. Festuca aquatica Bosc ex Roem. and Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 615. 1817. Nom. inval. pro syn. Diplachne fascicularis P. Beauv. Diplachne aquatica Bosc ex Roem. and Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 615. 1817. Nom. inval. Leptochloa fusca subsp. fascicularis (Lam.) N. Snow, Novon 8: 78. Diplachne fusca (L.) Kunth var. fascicularis (Lam.) P.M. Peterson & N. Snow, Phytoneuron 2012-72: 2. 2012.
  • Festuca polystachya Michx. Fl. Bor. Amer. 1: 66. 1803. Leptochloa polystachya (Michx.) Kunth, Révis. Gramin. 1: 91. 1829. Type. U.S.A., Illinois, A. Michaux s.n. (holotype: P [P00680135]!; isotypes: GH [00062448]!; P [P00680134]!, [P00680136]!, [P00680137]!, [P00680138]!, [P00740207]!, [P00740209]!, [P00740210]!).
  • Festuca texana Steud., Syn Pl. Glumac. 1: 310. 1854. Type. United States of America, Texas. T. Drummond 387 (holotype: P [P032675]!). Snow (1997a[1]: 253) inadvertently referred to the holotype as a lectotype and annotated it as the latter, although the specimen is marked “Herbarium Steudel”.
  • Festuca thouini Steud., Syn Pl. Glumac. 1: 311. 1854. Type. West Indies, Ins. Antillae in Domingo, A. Thouin (holotype: P [P032674]!, fragment US! (US–78820)). This specimen (see previous) also was annotated incorrectly as a lectotype (Snow 1997a[1]: 253).
  • Uralepis composita Buckley, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 1862: 94. 1862. Type. United States of America. New Mexico, Woodhouse s.n. (holotype: PH [PH00028562]!).
  • Diplachne tracyi Vasey, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 15: 40. 1888. Leptochloa tracyi (Vasey) Beal, Grass. N. Amer. 2: 436. 1896. Type. United States of America. Nevada. Reno, 1887, SM Tracy (holotype: US! [US00133612]!; isotypes: GH [00023585]!; NY [NY00019502]!, [NY00019503]! [NY-1144032]!, [NY-1144033]!). Uncertainty has surrounded the correct type citation (Snow 1997a[1]: 253). The protologue indicated a collection of Tracy in Reno, which is housed at US and cited above. The number 216 on the label of the US specimen was added by a later worker. Hitchcock (1939: 613), evidently working from Leptochloa tracyi (Vasey) Beal, Grass. N. Amer. 2: 436 (1896), believed lectotypification was necessary given the citation of two collections (of Tracy and Palmer and each of these assigned the number 619 by some later worker) in the work by Beal. However, Vasey’s description included a description of the newly proposed species, in addition to citation of a specimen collected by Tracy and made no reference to Palmer’s collection, so lectotypification was unnecessary. Zanoni ([NY-1144033]) in 2010 also made reference to this on an annotation slip.
  • Diplachne procumbens Arechav., Anales Mus. Nac. Montevideo 1: 414. 1894. Diplachne uninervia Arechav. var. procumbens Parodi, Revista Fac. Agron. Veterin. (Buenos Aires) 6: 37. 1927. Type. ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires, Feb. 1892, Spegazzini s. n. (holotype: MVM, n.v.; isotype: BAA-914!).
  • Festuca procumbens Muhl., Descr. Gram. 160. 1817. Nom. nud. Diachroa procumbens (Muhl.) Nutt., Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., ser. 2., 5: 147. 1837. Nom. illeg. Diplachne procumbens (Muhl.) Nash, Man. Fl. N. States 128: 1901. Hom. illeg. pro Diplachne procumbens Arechav., Anales Mus. Nac. Montevideo 1: 414. 1894. Festuca prostrata Muhl. ex Scribn. and Merr., U.S.D.A. Div. Agrost. Circ. 27: 5. 1900. Nom. inval. pro syn. Festuca prostrata Muhl. Type. Habitat in Carolina, Elliott (holotype: P [P00032382], PH [image!] and J. Teisher [PH], pers. comm. (2017)].
  • Diplachne acuminata Nash in Britton, Man. Fl. N. States and Canada 128. 1901. Leptochloa acuminata (Nash) Mohlenbr., Ill. Fl. Illinois, 293. 1973. Leptochloa fascicularis (Lam.) A. Gray var. acuminata (Nash) Gleason, Phytologia 4(1): 21. 1952. Type. United States of America. Kansas. Riley Co., Manhattan, 19 July 1892, CH Thompson s.n. (lectotype, here designated: NY! [NY 00019505]; fragment at US [US-865882]!). Sources indicating the specimen is holotype are incorrect given that no specimen was cited in the protologue; lectotypificatoin is thus needed.
  • Diplachne maritima E.P. Bicknell, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 35(4): 195. 1908. Leptochloa fascicularis (Lam.) A. Gray var. maritima (E.P. Bicknell) Gleason, Phytologia 4(1): 21. 1952. Type. United States of America. Massachussetts: Nantucket Island, sandy shores of Sachacha Pond, Sep. 16 1899, EP Bicknell s.n. (lectotype, here designated: NY [00079838]!). Lectotypification is necessary because individual specimens were not cited in the protologue.
  • Tridens veralensis Cat. Guerra, Act. Bot. Cub. 4: 4. 1980. Type. CUBA. Prov. de Pinar del Rio: Guanahacabibes, El Veral, Catasus 298 (holotype: HAC, n.v.).


“South America”, D. Richard s.n. (holotype: P!; isotypes: US-2875408!, US-3875408a! fragm. ex P).


Annuals. Culms (3.5–)15–130 cm tall, 1–5(–8) mm wide at base, round, ascending to erect (or completely prostrate and densely cespitose at higher elevations; or rarely rhizomatous and rooting at nodes in freshwater marshes, often branching; nodes glabrous; internodes (0.5–) 3–18 cm long, soft, hollow. Leaf sheaths mostly longer than the internodes, round or somewhat flattened, glabrous on sides and margins; ligules (2–)5–7 mm long; blades 3–45 cm ×2.5–7 mm, usually sparsely scabrous above and below. Panicles (1.5–)10–72 ×(1–)4–22 cm, generally partially included below at maturity with 3–35 branches; branches (0.5–)3–22 cm long, alternate along the rachis, erect, ascending, or occasionally divergent, rigid or slightly flexuous, minutely scabrous, the axils glabrous. Spikelets 5–12 mm long, distant to mostly imbricate; florets 6–12; callus glabrous; lower glumes 2–3 mm long, narrowly ovate or somewhat asymmetric, scabrous on midnerve, acute to aristate and occasionally short-awned; upper glumes 2.5–5.0 mm long, elliptic to ovate, scabrous on midnerve, obtuse, aristate, or short-awned; lemmas 2.5–5 mm long, narrowly ovate, light brown or smoky white at maturity, the lateral nerves pronounced and extending to edges often as small teeth, sparsely sericeous along lateral nerves and often midnerve, glabrous between nerves, apex acute to attenuate, often mucronate or with awns to 3.5 long; paleas elliptic, generally subequal to lemma, sericeous along nerves; apex acute to obtuse. Stamens 3; anthers 0.2–0.5 mm long, yellow. Caryopses 1–2 mm long, 0.8–1.0 mm wide, elliptic to obovate in hilar profile, transversely elliptic in transverse section, hilar groove lacking, smooth, brown; pericarp weakly adnate to the endosperm.

Leaf anatomy

Midrib present; central lucunae present. Primary bundles: protruding adaxially or not; protruding abaxially; outer bundle sheath interrupted adaxially and abaxially; extension cells present adaxially; adaxial sclerenchyma present as girders or strands; abaxial sclerenchyma present as girders; adaxial cells of primary bundle sheath cells enlarged; abaxial cells of primary bundle sheath cells not enlarged. Colourless cells present between primary and secondary bundles; chlorenchyma continuous or discontinuous between adjacent bundles. Secondary bundles: protruding adaxially or not; flush abaxially; outer bundle sheath continuous or interrupted abaxially; adaxial sclerenchyma present as girders or strands; abaxial sclerenchyma present as girders.
(Vouchers [at MO]: Snow 5804 [USA], 6672 [México].)

Stem anatomy

Internodes hollow. Inner sclerenchymatous ring present. Peripheral sclerenchymatous ring present. Peripheral sclerenchymatous girders connected to the outermost vascular bundles absent. Intervascular peripheral sclerenchymatous pillars not associated with outermost vascular bundles absent. Inner sclerenchymatous ring canal tissue present. Kranz sheath cells absent. Kranz sheath cell canal tissue absent. Vascular bundles nested in outer portion of Kranz sheath cell canals absent. Sclerenchymatous rings surrounding vascular bundles located inside inner sclerenchymatous ring absent. Sclerenchymatous rings (5–10 cells thick) surrounding outermost primary vascular bundles absent. Phloem not divided.

Chromosome number

2n=20 (Gould 1966[2]; Reeder 1971[3]; vouchers: Reeder & Reeder 4844 & 4883 (ARIZ!)).


Flowering mostly May to October in North America and throughout the year in South America during and after warm and wet seasons.


Southern Canada (infrequently) through USA (where most common) south sporadically to Paraguay. The transition between the native and non-native distribution of L. fusca subsp. fascicularis is somewhat uncertain, particularly in its sourtherly range. Elevation from sea level to 2300 metres. Native: Most of the United States mainland (excluding Georgia) north to Ontario, Canada, occurring irregularly to about 40°S in Argentina. (TDWG: in North America in part or all of regions 73-80 (see additional specimens for additional detail): BLZ, COS, HON; 81: BAH, CAY, CUB, DOM, HAI, JAM, LEE-NL, LEE-VI, TCI; 82: VEN; 83: BOL, COL; 84: BZC, BZE, BZL, BZS; 85: AGE, AGW, AGW, PAR. Non-native: TDWG: CZE. Collected once from a railyard in Vancouver, British Columbia but not persisting (F. Lomer, pers. comm. 2010). Possible occurrences in Saskatchewan and Quebec have not been confirmed.

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN 2012[4]), given its wide distribution and abundance.


Possibly in reference to the fasciculate (bundled or clustered) arrangement of the lower panicle branches before they are exserted from the sheath.

Vernacular names

bearded diplachne; salt meadow grass; zacate salado lagunero; salado fasciculado.


Specimens from Florida and the Bahamas typically have the shortest spikelets (e.g. Vincent 16032 [MU]; Davis s.n. [FLAS 38436]; Craighead s.n. [FLAS 84837]; Herndon 905 [RSA]). On rare occasions, a specimen growing in a saturated soil may branch and root so vigorously at nodes that it appears to be stoloniferous (e.g. Fleetwood 12215 [SMU]). Older specimens from Reno, Nevada, identified as Diplachne tracyi Vasey, have narrow, relatively long and somewhat cylindrical spikelets (e.g. the type specimen), but since this spikelet morphology recurs in the species complex from parts of Africa and Australia and is narrowly distributed, this variant is unworthy of taxonomic recognition. Those specimens may be waifs of D. f. subsp. fusca from the Paleotropics, but genetic analyses would be necessary to test this hypothesis. Some specimens from California (Twissleman 6491 [MO]) also closely resemble some forms of D. fusca subsp. fusca.
A morphotype in the United States described as Diplachne acuminata Nash in Britton has been recognised based on the relative elongation of glumes and lemmas and awned lemmas (Gleason, 1968: 188; Gleason and Cronquist, 1991: 785). Diplachne maritima E.P. Bicknell was described based on its prostrate habit, more pronounced lemmatal awns and ecological occurrence in brackish coastal areas from Massachussetts to Florida (e.g. Weatherby 4390; Commons 155; Metcalf 5717; Torrey 8765; Williams 3102 [all at US]) and around saline areas in Onondaga and Cayuga counties, New York (e.g. Leonard 8559 [FLAS]; Congdon s.n. [RSA]; Perkins s.n. [RSA], Fogg 3889 [MO]). However, given that three of the four subspecies of Diplachne fusca, recognised in this treatment, have moderate to high levels of salinity tolerance (but little evidence for this with subsp. uninervia) and that populations with elongated awns often occur elsewhere, such as in the Distrito Federal and Estado de México (Jiménez–Osorino 40 [RSA]; Mattuda 25656 [MEXU, MO, MU]; Espinosa & Sarukhán 318 [ENCB, MEXU, MO]; Rzedowski 26251 [ENCB, MO]; Rzedowski 28145 (ENCB, US); Villegas 585 [ENCB]; Rzedowski 20432 [ENCB], Schaffner 49 [W]), taxonomic recognition of specimens with longer than average lemmatal awns also is unwarranted.
Specimens have not been confirmed for this subspecies listed on websites from Sweden (e.g. Lackalänga, year 1949 [LD, S]) and Poland (Vogel, years 1916 and 1918 [OHN]).
Diplachne fusca subsp. facicularis is more widespread in North America than subsp. uninervia, although the latter is more invasive outside of its range (e.g. Snow & Simon 1999). Specimens morphologically intermediate beween D. f. subspp. fascicularis and uninervia occasionally are seen (Hitchcock 93 [TEX]), but the taxa maintain their distinct morphology in sympatry (e.g. Snow 5899 and 5900 at Falcon Lake, Zapata County, Texas).
Sutton (1973a)[5] briefly described the anatomy of D. fascicularis (as “fascicularias”) and placed Leptochloa into the tribe Chlorideae (Sutton 1973b[6]), but these papers extrapolated the limited analysis beyond their usefulness. Clifford and Watson (1977)[7] illustrated D. fusca subsp. fusca (as Diplachne parviflora). Renvoize (1984)[8] illustrated the midrib of D. fusca and discussed its prominent air canal, but cited no voucher.
Characters of Diplachne fusca subsp. fascicularis that generally differ from those of subsp. uninervia include: lower panicle branches inserted in sheath, a greater tendency for sheaths to be mottled with anthocyanins (e.g. McGregor 12652 [KANU, US]), the tip of the uppermost leaf blade often extending beyond the apex of the panicle and the lemmatal apices generally acute to acuminate and sometimes mucronate on the lateral nerves. Specimens of D. f. subsp. fascicularis with exserted panicles bearing relatively short, somewhat flexuous branches (Morello and Cuezzo 1124 [BAA])) can resemble Dinebra scabra (Nees) P.M. Peterson & N. Snow. Relatively erect specimens of Dinebra viscida (Scribn.) P.M. Peterson & N. Snow are often confused for D. f. subsp. fascicularis where the species overlap, but the panicle length and width of the former are usually significantly shorter and the fresh foliage is slightly sticky or viscid.

Specimens examined

Argentina. Buenos Aires: Ptdo. de San Fernando, cerca dela estación “El Delta”, Hunziker 3561 (MO); Avellandeda, Venturi 209 (GH, NY, US); Villa Elina, Cabrera 6321 (LP). Catamarca: Dpto. Capayán, Ruta 60 (Km 1044) entre San Martin y El Medano, Hunziker 21023 (NY); Dpto. Santa María, Entre Ríos, Reales 1596 (BRIT). Córdoba: Entre San José de la Esquina y San Ricardo, Birabén 48 (LP). Salta: Cerca de Dragones, Ruta 81, Cabrera et al. 26544 (LP); Quebrada de las Conchas, Senn 4143 (MO). San Luís: Dpto. Junín, Bajo de Velis, Kurtz 8506 (LP, W). Bahamas. Acklin: Along road south of Lovely Bay, Correll & Proctor 48872 (NY, US). Great Inagua: Open gravel area by the “town pans”, Dunbar 223 (A, US); In mud of Grassy Pond, E of Morton Bahamas Ltd. headquarters, Correll 47401 (NY); In mud of sink at Horse Pond, just NE of Matthew Town, Correll 45812 (NY); In clumps in water of pond, Horse Pond, NE of Matthew Town, Correll 47549 (MO); Cleared portion of Maroon Hill, NE of Matthew Town, Gillis 12131 (A); Inaqua, water hole near airport runway, Gillis 11750 (A, MO); dry pond in algal mat, 2.5 mi.N of Mathew Town on road to salt works, Gillis & Proctor 11727 (A). Andros Island: North Andros, along Queens Hwy at Stafford Ck, at roadside, Jacobs s.n. (MU); The Bluff, Freid 06-713 (MU). Long Cay: South Side, Brace 4084 (NY). Long Island: A short distance NE of St. Paul’s Church at the base of the slope, Clarence Town, Hill 2339 (MO); Edge of palmetto flat near Alligator Bay, Correll 48200 (NY); Millerton, Freid and Richley 98-423 (MU); Stella Maris, Fried and Richey 98-341 (MU). Grand Bahama: In ditch along road to dump, W of Freeport Airport, Correll & Correll 50942 (NY); Open moist area of Bucida spinosa marsh, W end of Freeport Airport, Correll and Kral 43008 (NY). New Providence Island: Near Nassau, Curtiss 176 (CM, NY, P, PR); Edge of freshwater marsh, SW Bay, Britton and Brace 504 (US). Great Exuma: Sink hole near Georgetown, Britton and Millspaugh 3108 (GH, NY, US). Cat Island: Orange Ck. and vicinity, Britton and Millspaugh 5719 (NY). Bolivia. Cochabamba: Prov. Mizque, Town of Mizque, wetland adjacent to the Río Mizque, near the intersection with the road to Aiquille, Ritter et al., 2119 (NHA); Prov. Cercado, City of Cochabamba, Laguna Alalay, Ritter 1674 (NHA). Bonaire (Nether Antilles). Back of the dam near Jatoe Bacoe, Stoffers 662 (A). Brazil. Bahia: Cachoiera, base of cliff in slimey water, Chase 8097 (US); Rio de Contas a Jequié, Davidse et al. 11647 (K, MO, TAES); Iacú, Faz. Suíbra (Boa Sorte), 18 km al este da cidade, Noblick 3655 (K); Mpio. Livramento do Brumado, agua Vargem de Dentro, c. 8 km ao oeste da cidade, Harley et al. 25858 (K); Rio Salitre, 46 km WSW of Joaziero, Chase 7934 (BAA, GH, MO, US, W); 64 km N of Senhor do Bonfim on the BA 130 Hwy to Juaziero, Harley et al. 16343 (K, NY, P, US). Ceará: Thickets on shores of Acude Choró, Mpio. de Quixadá, Drouet 2408 (US); Picos, Piauhy to Campo Salles, Swallen 4265 (BAA, US); Campo Salles to Crato, Swallen 4300 (US); Iguatú, Swallen 4415 (US); Cratheus, edge of small pond, Swallen 4497 (US). Distrito Federal: Brasilia, Luetzelburg 418a (K) and Luetzelburg 794 (K). Paraíba: Escola de Agronomia do Nordeste, Areia, Paraiba, Coêlho 1145 (US); Pocinhos, Pickel 3841 (MU). Pernambuco: In low field, Tapera, Pickel 1701 (GH, MICH, P, US); Caruaru, on border of a rivulet, Pickel 4257 (MU); Bello Jadim, Serra do Genipapo, Chase 7685 (GH, MO, US); Vicinity of Pernambuco (Recife), Chase 7740 (MO, US); Mpio. Belem de São Francisco, 3 km S of city of Belem de S. Francisco (also called Jatanã) at point where road stops at shore of Rio São Fransisco, Eiten & Eiten 4958 (K, US). Rio de Janeiro: Margin of Lagoa R. de Freitas, vicinity of Rio de Janeiro: Chase 8457 (GH, MO, US); Avenida Niemeyer, Chase 9991 (US). Rio Grande do Norte: Angicos, Swallen 4704 (GH, MICH, US); Nova Cruz to Montahnas, Swallen 4821 (US). Rio Grande do Sul: Estação Experimental de Uruguaiana, Simas 6590 (TAES); Santa Cruz, Swallen 4857 (US). Caicos Islands. Pine Cay: In moist area on NW side, Correll 43169 (NY). Canada. Ontario: Junction of Hwy 3 and Regional Rt. 14, SW of Canborough, Regional Mpio. of Haldimand–Norfolk, Cusick 29191 (MICH). Elgin Co., St. Thomas railway yard, Oldham, 9865 (MICH); 4.7 km WNW of Dutton, Hwy 401, service centre, Oldham 8828 (MICH); Yarmouth Township, Port Stanley, beach ca. 0.5 km SSE of Post Office, W of Orchard Beach, Oldham 11897 (MICH). Essex Co., Anderdon Tp, just S of Canard Riv. mouth, W side of Hwy 18, at Ranta Marina, Oldham 6953 (MICH). Halton Co., City of Burlington, Burlington West Railway Station, Oldham 13523 (MICH). Huron Co., Hay Township, CN railway tracks at Hensall, Oldham 13567 (MICH). Lambton Co., City of Sarnia, railway yard in Sarnia, Oldham 13075 (MICH). Middlesex Co., Hwy 401, from ca. 0.5 to ca. 2.0 km W of Dorchester Rd., Oldham & Deslisle–Oldham 7033 (MICH). Oxford Co., Norwich Township, 5.4 km E of Woodstock Post Office, Hwy 401 at Hwy 403 junction, Oldham 11816 (MICH). Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman: Bodden Town, Guala and Burton 1934 (US). Colombia. La Guajira: Costa del Caribe, llanura litoral arenosa y árida entre Mayapo y El Pájaro, Dugand 6667 (COL, US). Cuba. Havana: Batabano, Shafer 484 (CM, NY); Batabano, Baker 2762 (POM); Batabano, Ekman 889 (US); Batabano, Baker 1767 (NY). Las Villas: Cayo La Lisa, Río Negro, Zapata Swamp, León et al. 19565 (GH); La Lisa, Rio Negro, Ciénega de Zapata, León 19565 (US). Matanzas: Cardenas, Britton and Wilson 176 (NY). Oriente: Los Caños, S of Guantánamo, León 3911 (US); La Perla, N of Guantánamo, León 3911 (GH). Pinar del Rio: Corrientes Bay, Britton & Cowell 9984 (NY, US); Central Orozco, in dried up pools near the manglares, Ekman H10570 (US). Unknown province: Playa de Marianao, León 2020 (US); Santo Cristo de Maniadero, Peninsula de Zapata, Roig & Cremata 2225 (NY); Coastal Marsh (Playa) SE of Baraguá, Hitchcock 23337 (US); Isle of Pines, Killip 41664 (GH). Czech Republic. Distr. Děčín: ship to railway transfer area Nové Loubí in Děčín, V. Jehlík s.n. (PRA). Distr. Ústí nad Labem: Western Port on Labe River in Ústí nad Labem, V. Jehlík s.n. (PRA); Railway station Ústí nad Labem sever, V. Jehlík s.n. (PRA). Dominican Republic. Independencia: Barahona, vicinity of Cabral, Jiménez & Marcano 4290 (TAES, US). Valverde: Esperanza, Jiménez 8169 (NY, TAES). Haiti. Nord: Plaine du Nord, Cap Haitien, edge of salt water ditches, Ekman H2750 (A, US). Ouest: Vicinity of Etang, Etang Suamatre, Leonard 3520 (GH, NY, US); Massif de la Hatte, Miragoane, shore of Etang–Miragoane, Ekman H7257 (US); Port–au–Prince, Bon–Répos, in irrigation ditches, Ekman 2105 (US); Port–au–Prince, Potter 5012 (GH); Massif de la Selle, Croix–des–Bouquets, edge of Grande–Rivière, near Gourjon, Ekman H6453 (US). Honduras. Choluteca: 30 km carretera de Choluteca a Cedeño, Midence 32 (TEFH). Jamaica. Saint Ann Parish: Saint Ann’s Bay and Vicinity, Marsh, Flat Point, Britton 2519 (NY, US). Saint Elizabeth Parish: Salt Spring to Borad Riv., Adams 12058 (MO); Black Riv. and vicinity, roadside ditch, Britton 1339 (NY); Black Riv., Hitchcock 9643 (US). Westmoreland Parish: Savanna-la-Mar, swamps and dithes, Hitchcock 9863 (US); Ferry Peux, Harris 12498 (CM, GH, MO, NY, P, US, W). México. Aguascalientes: Rincon de Romos, Hernández & Mathus N–1609 (GH); 16 km al N de Aguascalientes, sobre la carretera a Rincón de Romos, Rzedowski & McVaugh 731 (ENCB, NY). Campeche: Carr. Tankuche–El Remate, 1 km al S del camino, Mpio. Calkini, Ortíz 761 (UC). Chihuahua: Km 33 Nuevo Casas Grandes–Galeana, Hernández and Tapia N–130 (US); Hilly terrain, 9 mi.S of Villa Matamoros, Reeder & Reeder 4883 (ENCB); Rio Conchos, Cd. Camargo, Harvey 1403 (GH, MICH, US); Rio Aros, LeSueur 202 (GH, SMU, US); Santa Maria en el Valle de Aldama, Hernández and Mathus N–1744 (GH); 28 km SW of La Junta on road to Creel, Peterson 9610 (BISH, K, US); Low area between Hwy and railroad tracks... 11 mi. W of Cuauhtémoc, Reeder et al. 4844 (ARIZ, ENCB, US); Torreon, Johnston 44166 (ARIZ, MO, SMU); Plains near Chihuahua, Pringle 813 (GH, MEXU, MICH, MO, NA, NY, P, PR, RSA, S, UC, US, W); ca. 65 (air) mi. SW of Cd. Juarez, 6.8 road mi. N of Guzman, Henrickson 14105 (LL); At Paplote Las Juntas (Preson de Anteojos), 2 km NW of Hacienda El Berrendo, on Las Pampas Ranch, Chiang et al. 8870 (LL); Rio Florido, Jiménez, Harvey 1320 (ENCB, TEX, US); At Papalote Las Juntas, (Presón de Anteojos), 2 km NW of Hacienda El Berrendo, on Las Pampas Ranch, Chiang et al. 8870 (MO). Coahuila: Don Martín Dam, Harvey 944 (MICH, US); ca. 51.5 (air) mi. ENE of Torreon on SW edge of Laguna Mayran, along trail from Estacion Cuchilla to Ejido Mayran, Henrickson 14349 (LL); 20 mi.NW of San Pedro ... 63 km de Ocampo rumbo a Sierra Mojada, Carranza C–631 (ARIZ, MO, TEX); Sierra La Madera, Rcho. Laguna la Leche, aprox. 62 km de Ocampo rumbo a Sierra Mojada, Carranza 617 & Carranza (BRIT); road to San Martín Dam near near Nuevo Leon–Coahuila border, Harvey 947 (GH, MICH, MO, MONTU, US); 10 km carretera Matamoros – Saltillo, Espinosa A. 89 (ARIZ); Hwy 30, in wet shore of Laguna de Mayran, Henrickson 5985 (LL); Torreón, Palmer 503 (GH, MO, TAES); Torreón, Fisher 44166 (NY, TAES). Distrito Federal: Tlahuac Distr., chinampas at San Andrés Mixquic, 40 km SE of Mexico City & 7.5 km W of Chalco in the Chalco Lk basin, Jiménez-Osornio 40 (ARIZ); Ixtapalapa, en ladera humeda cerca de canal, Matuda 25656 (MEXU, MO, MU); Xochimilco, Espinosa & Sarukhán 318 (ENCB, MEXU, MO); NW de Xico Viejo, cerca de la aldea, Villegas 558 (ENCB); Deleg. de Tláhuac, Míxquic, orilla de canal, Rzedowski 26268 (ENCB); W de Tláhuac, en zona de dhinampas, Villegas 564 (ENCB); Xochimilco, Rzedowski 20432 (ENCB, MICH); Tláhuac District: Chenampas at San Andrés Mixquia, 40 km SE of Mexico City and 7.5 km W of Chalco in the Chalco Lake Basin, Jiménez–Osorino 40 (RSA). Durango: Durango, Hitchcock 7567 (US); Torreón, Hitchcock 7729 (US); Cienega bottomland near small lake 40 mi.N of Ciudad Durango, Gentry 8600 (ARIZ, GH, MICH, RSA, US); 10 mi. NE of Durango on Durango–Torreén Rd., Soderstrom 803 (SMU, US); 66 km N of Durango on HWY 45, Peterson & Annable 5987 (BISH, US); Colonia Filipe Angeles, at 15 km S of Durango on Hwy 23 towards Mezquital, Peterson et al. 18963 (BISH, US). Guanajuato: Irapuato, Hitchcock 7386 (US); ca. 6 km W of San Felipe, Sohns 402 (MICH, MO, NY, TAES, US); 6 km al NNE de Salvatierra, sobre la carretera a Celaya, Rzedowski 40295 (ENCB). Guerrero: Near Pie de la Cuesta, 6 mi. N of Acapulco, Barkley et al. (TEX). Hidalgo: Mpio. Huichapán, Roadside ditches near El Carmen on Huichapan–Querétaro Rd., Moore 2158 (GH, UC, US); El Peñón, 5 km al sur de Alfajayucan, Mpio. de Alfajayucan, Hernández 6721 (MO). Jalisco: Villa Obregon, Beetle M-5545 & Guzmán (ARIZ); 2 km from San Julian, Beetle M-5583 & Guzmán (ARIZ); Hwy 54, along Río Juchipila, ca. 50 mi. N of Guadalajara, just past Puente Santa Rosa, Spellenberg 2945 (NMC, NY); 3 km N Ojuelos, Hernandez X-2487 (KANU); 2 km al E de San Diego de Alejandría, rumbo a la Cd. de León, Lot & Novel 969 (GH); Mpio de Ixtlahuacán del Rio, Atotonilquillo, Guzmán 8377 (ENCB); Isla de Alacranes, Lago de Chapala, Cota 56 (ENCB); El Jaguey, 14 kms al N de Ixtlahuacán del Rio, Guzmán 7977 (ENCB); 23.3 km E of Aguacalientes on Hwy 70 towards San Luis Potosi, just past state boundary, Peterson & Annable 6186 (US); ca. 6 mi. W of Lagos, Reeder et al. 1416 (GH, RSA); Laguna de Zacoalco, Diaz Luna 1063 (ENCB); ca. 50 mi. N of Hwy 54 along Río Juchipila, just pass Puente Santa Rosa, Spellenberg et al. 5342 (NMC). México: S de Ixtapaluca, a 2 km del pueblo, Villegas 585 (ENCB); 1 km al N de Zumpango, Rzedowski 25850 (ENCB, MICH); Lago de Texcoco, 18 km al WSW de Texcoco, sobre el camino a México, Rzedowski 28145 (ARIZ, ENCB, MICH, US); Atenco, cerca de Texcoco, Torres s.n. (ENCB). Michoacán: 6 km al E de Maravatío, sobre la carretera a Contepec, Rzedowski 44199 (ENCB); Shore of Lake Pátzcuaro, Barkley et al. 2669 (US); Shore of Lake Pátzcuaro, Barkley et al., 2663 (TEX); Vicinity of Morelia, Arsène 5760 (CM, GH, MO, S). Morelos: Morelos. Valley near Jojutla, Pringle 9595 (GH, MEXU, MO, NY, TAES, US). Nuevo Leon: 32 mi. S of San Roberto along Hwy 57, McGregor et al. 501 (KANU); Monterrey, Arsène 6108 (NY, US); Monterrey (Nuevo Leon) río, Abbon 201 (MO); Pan Am. Hwy from Laredo to Monterrey near Maulique Pass, Leavenworth & Leavenworth 740 (MO, US); Mpio. de Linares, Ejido Los Cristales, Ortíz s.n. (ENCB). Querétaro: Cerro de las Campanas, Arsène 10072 (GH, MO); Querétaro, in water of irrigation ditch, Hitchcock 5836 (US); Querétaro, Arsène 10289 (US); 2 mi. SE de San Juan del Rio, O’Bien s.n. (MEXU 321518). Quintana Roo: Cozumel al sur de la Islan a 200 m del embarcadero, Ortíz 904 (MEXU, MO); Punta Nizuc, Can–Cun, Mpio. Isla Mujeres, Ortíz 530 (MEXU). San Luís Potosí: Charcas, Lundell 5535 (ARIZ, MICH, US); 8 km al E de S. L. Potosí; Rzedowski 11236 (ENCB); Mpio. Guadalcazar, Ejido Minas de Plata, Bravo 34 (ENCB); ca. 2 mi. W of Arriaga on road from Aguascalientes to S. L. Potosí, Reeder et al. 1358 (ARIZ, ENCB, MEXU); Charcas, Whiting 1052 (ARIZ, MEXU, MICH, TEX, US); Mpio. Charcas, Laguna Seca, Rzedowski 6535 (ENCB, LL); 5 mi. SE of SLP, Gould 11566 (ENCB, TAES, UC, US); Rio Verde, along polluted creek on N side of town (along road to Las Tables), Thomas 2773 (MO). Sinaloa: Along Hwy 15 (de cuota), at marker 19 km N of Mazatlán, Snow 6599 (MEXU, MO); Mazatlán, Harvey 8828 (MONTU). Sonora: Mpio. Agua Prieta, W Side of Agua Prieta, Reina G. 2006-445 (ARIZ); Mpio. Empalme, on Mex. Hwy 15, 10.3 mi. E of Empalme end of Douglas Bridge, Felger 85-1141 (ARIZ); Mpio. Guaymas, Cañón La Balandrona, north side of Sierra El Aguaje, Felger 01-655 et al. (ARIZ); Mpio. Guaymas, ca. 6 km E of Las Guasimas exit, ca. 31 km ESE of Empalme on MEX 15, Van Devender 2002-1072 et al. (ARIZ); Mpio. Guaymas, Mex. Hwy 15, 1.7 km NW of Pitahaya (Belem, Rio Yaqui) junction, 3.6 mi. S of Pitahaya, Felger 85-1293a & Reichenbacher (ARIZ); Mpio. Guaymas, Cañón Las Barajitas, Felger 96-51 et al. (ARIZ); Mpio. Hermosillo, Hwy 24, 5.0 mi. N of El Sahuaral (4.7 mi. N of Bahia San Augustin Road junction), Felger 85-1570 (ARIZ); Mpio. Cucurpe, Cañon las Barajitas, Sierra el Aguaje, ca. 18 km NW of San Carlos, Felger 95-228 & Wilson (ARIZ); Reservoir, ca. 6 km SE of Magdalena off the road to Cucurpe, Reina G. 2001-750 & Van Devender (ARIZ); Rio Mayo drainage, along the Hwy from Navojoa to Huatabampo, ca. 0.6 mi. NE of turnoff to Bacobampo and 8 mi.SW of Navajoa, Sanders et al. 8945 (ARIZ) and 8947 (MO, UC); Mayocahui, Van Devender 95-292 et al. (ARIZ); On paved road leading to Ortíz, 14.1 road mi. N of intersection with Hwy 15, SE of Guaymas, Snow 6564 & Prinzie (MEXU, MO); SE of Guaymas, along Hwy 15, ca. 100 m S of km 82 signpost, Snow 6566 & Prinzie (KSP, MEXU, MO, MU); Between road and railroad tracks, at km 90 on Hwy 15, SE of Guaymas heading to Ciudad Obregon, Gibson & Gibson 2043 (ARIZ, ENCB). Tamaulipas: Sierra de San Carlos, Vicinity of El Mulato, Bartlett 10972 (GH, MICH, US); Mpio. Aldama: Ejido La Piedra, Mora-Olivo 1478 (BRIT). Tlaxcala: Entrada W de la población de san Jorge Tezoquipan, al W de Tlaxcala, Weber 697 (ENCB). Yucatán: Progreso, Swallen 2918 (MICH); Carr. San Felipe–Rio Lagartos, a 5 km del crucero, Mpio. Rio Lagartos, Ortíz 691 (UC); Mpio. Sisal, 4 km al SE de Sisal, Santos Meza 60 (MO); Mpio. Progresso, mangrove 3 km S of El Progresso, Davidse & Davidse 29454 (MO); 18 km al SE de Celestún, Gutiérrez–Parra 30 (ENCB). Zacatecas: Along Hwy 54, at turnoff to Jalpa, Snow 6672 (MEXU, MO); Villa de Cos, Johnston 7429 (GH, US). Paraguay. Boquerón: Filadelfia, Hahn 801 (MO); A 12 km E de Pratts Gill, Molas & Vera 1388 (MO). Turks and Caicos. Pine Cay, Correll 43169 (LL); Provo, Long Bay, Neis 406 (MU). United States of America. Alabama: Mobile Co., Battleship Park, by causeway US 90–98, E of Mobile on the bay, Kral 32754 (US); Along (and S) of the newly completed Interstate Hwy 10 overpass, SE part of Blakeley Island between Mobile Riv. and Mobile Bay, Lelong 7323 (NCU). Morgan Co., Port DeKatur, sandy beach by Dekatur boat ramps along Tennessee Riv., Kral 54428 (MO). Arizona: Apache Co., Canyon de Chelly Nat. Mon., Capmground, Rink 1555 (ARIZ). Cochise Co., Mule Mountains, near watercourse, Goodding 297-61 (ARIZ); Douglas, Tornber s.n. (ARIZ 147338); S edge of St. David, Gould & Haskell 4496 (ARIZ, GH); playa just W of Willcox, Reeder & Reeder 7955 (ARIZ); just W of Willcox along road to Cascabel, Reeder & Reeder 8879 (ARIZ); Willcox Playa area, SW of the town, Reeder & Reeder 9061 (ARIZ); San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, St. David Cienega, just W of Upper San Pedro River, N end of wetland, Makings 1624 (ASU). Gila Co., Black Riv., near settlement of Black Riv., Gould & Robinson 4925 (ARIZ, UC). Graham Co., Hooker Cienega, SW of Bonita along Sunset School Road, Jenkins 2466 (ARIZ); Tatcher, Thornber s.n. (ARIZ 147336); San Simon Valley, 15 mi.NE of Bowie, Bingham 2338 (ASU). Mohave Co., Arizona Strip, Rock Crossing along the Colorado City-Main Street Valley road, Reeder & Reeder 9649 (ARIZ); Around a large charco at Rock Crossing on the Colorado City to Main Street Valley road, Reeder & Reeder 8627 (ARIZ); ca. 5 km S of jct of AZ-389 and Cane Beds road, then ca. 10.5 km west, Reeder & Reeder 8441 (ARIZ); Havasu Nat. Wildlife Refuge, Krakowski s.n. (ASU 70812). Navajo Co., Woodruff, in moist soil along reservoir, Darrow 3324 (ARIZ, US); Hwy 260, ¾ mi. SE. Ent. St., Stephenson 1968 (ARIZ). Pima Co., edge of old clay quarry, flats W of Tumamoc Hill, Tucson, Bowers 2716 (ARIZ). Pinal Co., 9 mi. N of Casa Grande overpass on Hwy 87, Pultz & Phillips 1532 (NY); Southwestern shoreline of Picacho Lake, Gould 4630 (ARIZ); Near the Mormon Batallion Monument along AZ-387 ca. 5 km N of its jct. with AZ-84 in Casa Grande, Reeder & Reeder 9599 (ARIZ). Santa Cruz Co., Along road to Canelo Pass, ca. 5 km S of its jct with AZ-83, Reeder & Reeder 8924 (ARIZ); 1 km N of Canelo Pass summit, Reeder & Reeder 9896 (ARIZ); N of Canelo Pass summit, Reeder & Reeder 9899 (ARIZ). Yavapai Co., Perkinsville Quadrangle, T17N R2E SE ¼ SE 1/4 , NW of Jerome, W of Mormon Pocket, east of Horsesehoe Canyon, along Verde Riv., Baker 12076 & Routson (ARIZ, ASU); Chino Valley North, Inscription Ranch, along the Verde River 2.7 km ENE of its confluence with Granite Creek, Baker 12753 (ASU). Yuma Co., Backwater A-7 to Colorado Riv., 1 mi. S of Ehrenberg, on east shore ca. 1 mi.S of N end of lake, Kennedy 10 (ARIZ). Arkansas: Arkansas Co., US Hwy 79, 0.3 mi. NE of junction with US Hwy 165, southbound just N of Stuttgart, Snow 5809 (MO); US Hwy 79, 0.2 mi. NE of junction with US Hwy 165 (southbound), just N of Stuttgart, Snow 5811a (MO). Drew Co., Along railroad tracks at Ark. Hwy 138 and Coon Bayou in Winchester, Thomas et al. 171074 (GREE); Lewisville, Sundel et al. 11976 (KANU). Lawrence Co., 4 mi.SW of Hoxie, Taylor s.n. (MU barcode 00008103). Ouachita Co., RR tracks at the Port of Camden E of Adams St., in downtown Camden, Thomas 171837 (BRIT, MU). Pulaski Co., Arkansas Riv. up the river from North Little Rock, Demaree 8364 (SMU, US). Sebastian Co., Arkansas Riv. floodplain, Sec 25, T8N, R31W, Thompson et al. C1074 (GH). California: Butte Co., Lake Oroville at Vinton Gulch, ca. 0.7 (air) mi. N of Cherokee, Oswald and Ahart 4413 (UC); Gray Lodge Game Refuge, NW of Pennigton, Mason 12730 (POM); Joie Osgood Ranch, ca. 2 mi. E of Honcut, Ahart 6721 (MO, UC); ca. 1.1– mi.S of the clay burrow for Oroville Dam, 1/4 mi. E of Larkin Rd., ca. 6 mi.SW of Oroville, Ahart 5480 (MO); Rice fields between Nelson and Richvale, Heller 13354 (GH, MO, NY). Colusa Co., Pond on Colusa–Marysville Hwy, 4 mi. S of Colusa, W side of Sacramento Riv., Mason & Grant 12962 (FSU). Fresno Co., Cottonfield 2 mi. NE of Fresno, Wiggins 4198 (POM); Fresno, Griffiths 4729 (US); Fresno, Springer 469 (ARIZ). Glen Co., S of Willows Migratory Wildfowl Refuge, Beetle 3062 (US). Inyo Co. 4 mi. N of Lone Pine, Kerr s.n. (RSA). Kern Co., Kern Riv. Canyon, Howell 38682 (MO); South Fork Valley ca. 2 mi. NE of Weldon, Howell 40133 (MO); Bed of Lake Isabella below mouth of Tillie Ck., Twisselmann 19263 (MO); Dessicated strand–bed of Lake Isabella (E side of N arm), ca. 5 mi.S of Kernville, Howell 47465 (RSA). Los Angeles Co., Coast Hwy just N of mouth of Santa Monica Canyon, Raven 16753 (RSA); California–Mojave Desert, W end of Rosamond Dry Lake at Ave. “C”, Sanders 2340 (CM); Rancho Santa Ana Bot. Garden, Claremont, Balls 9465 (W). Marin Co., Nicasio Reservoir ca. 10 air mi. SW of Petaluma and W of Novato, Ertter 8018 & Neese (ARIZ). Merced Co., San Joaquin Riv. 1/4 mi. S of Hwy 152 upstream from bridge 2.9 mi. E of Santa Rita Park, Wiggins and Wiggins 20702 (MU, RSA); Los Banos Water Flow Refuge, 3 mi. N of Los Banos, Breedlove 5402 (SMU). San Diego Co., Lake Henshaw, SE of East Grade Road and E of Henshaw Truck Farm, ca. 1.3 air mi. E of the dam, along the stream feeding into the NE portion of the Lake and on the NE shore, Rebman 13640 et al. (ARIZ). San Francisco Co., Street weed in San Francisco, Howell 11697 (US). San Luis Obispo Co., 0.5 km N of Bee Rock Rd on E Perimeter Road, Camp Roberts, Johnson & McCarty ROB0762 (OKL). Santa Barbara Co., San Jose Ck. at Southern Pacific RR corssing, Goleta, Pollard s.n. (ARIZ, RSA). Sonoma Co., 5 mi.N of Sears Point, Rubtzoff 6284 (RSA). Stanislaus Co., Near Oakdale, Hoover 700 (GH, MO). Sutter Co., E side of West Butte Rd., ca. 0.5 mi. S of North Butte Rd., Ahart 6666 (UC). Tulare Co., Only seen near NW corner of vernal pool natural area in valley grassland, 4.5 mi. ENE of Pixley, Howell 44030 (RSA); Along Dinuba Blvd., 8 mi.N of Visalia, Bacigalupi 2509 (GH, MONTU); 1.5 mi. ESE of Stoil, Bradshaw 344 (KANU). Yolo Co., At junction of State Hwy 128 and County Rd. 86 (Pleasants Valley Rd.), Willoughby 1800 (JEPS). Colorado: Alamosa Co., Alamosa, Ramaley 15845 (MICH). Arapahoe Co., Cherry Ck. Reservoir, along southern shorline, Snow 6121 (KSP, MO). Baca Co., SE corner of the county where CR 48 and CR 46 converge just N of the Cimarron River, Clark 2311 (COLO, KANU). Bent Co., John Martin Reservoir, on Arkansas Riv., Lindstrom 1664 (KSC). Delta Co., Between Delta and Austin, Goodding & Goodding 244 (US). Cheyenne Co., 5-1/2 mi. SE of Wild Horse, Harris 70 (RM); Kit Carson, municipal park on N side of town, T15S, R48W, Sec. 4, SW ¼, Freeman 15516 & Morse (KANU). Fremont Co., Canyon City, Clements 263 (MO, NY); Canyon City, Shear 964 (GH). Kiowa Co., Eads, 10 mi. S, 4.5 mi. E [of] Neenoshe Reservoir, Freeman 15998 & Morse (GREE, KANU). Kit Carson Co., Burlington, S side of town ca.1 block N of juct US 385 and I-70, Freeman and Morse 15777 (GREE, KANU). Las Animas Co., Along Carrizo Ck., 6 mi. SE of Troy, Rogers 4910 (MICH, US); Ranchland ca. 4 mi. E of Wlat’s Corner and N on 143.0 Road before the road that descends along the Purgatoire River Canyon, Clark 2528 & Deihl (KANU). Lincoln Co., Limon, E side of town, Kissel Fishing Pond along US 24, Freeman 16528 & Morse (KANU). Logan Co., E edge of Sterling, Taylor & Taylor 8982 (BRIT). Mesa Co., D Rd. near 32nd, Clifton, wet ground around lagoon margin, Weber 15508 (US); Colorado Nat. Monument, sewage ponds, NW of headquaters of Mesatop, Siplivinsky 5059 (CM, NCU); Willow thickets around Connecticut Lake, Siplivinsky 2373 (CM). Otero Co., La Junta, Harvey 7520 (MONTU). Weld Co., Western shores of Union Reservoir, ca. 0.5 mi. N of State Hwy 119 in Longmont, Snow 6119 (KSP, MO); Greeley, Highland Nursery, Snow 7722 (GREE); New Windsor, Osterhout 1974 (RM), 2346 (NY) and 2347 (RM); Windsor, Osterhout 6365 (NY, RM); Crow Campground at Crow Creek, 1 mi.N of Briggsdale, Wingate 4533 (KANU). Yuma Co.; Wray, Osterhout 4070 (RM). Connecticut: Fairfield Co., Bridgeport, Beardslee s.n.New Haven Co., Near Union Depot, New Haven, Setchell s.n. (UC 38741). New London Co., Old Lyme, Weatherby 4390 (US); Woodward s.n. (US). Deleware: New Castle Co., Port Penn, Commons s.n. (GH); Ab loco, Commons 155 (US). Florida: Bay Co., Crooked Island east, Tyndall Air Force Base, Johson 7970 (FSU). Brevard Co., 0.5 mi. W of I–95, immediately S of FL 50, edge of St. Johns Riv., SW of Titusville, Hall and Beeman 1901 (FLAS); In marsh, E side of Lake Poinsett, Chamberlain 17 (FLAS); Sect. 23 of St. Johns Nat. Wildlife Refuge, ca. 3.5 mi. W of Titusville, Rakestra s.n. (GA). Broward Co. E side of Hwy 27 just S of Griffin Rd. (Rte 818), ca. 14 air mi. WSW of Ft. Lauderdale, Anderson 9905 (FSU). Charlotte Co., Vicinity of Port Charlotte, Godfrey & Reinert 60966 (FSU, NCU); Old field, Frye C–67 (FLAS); Caloosa Experimental Range, USFS and Range Station, Adams 239 (GA); 15 mi.NNW of Fort Myers, frequent on wet sands of distrubed flatwoods, Kral 7521 (GH, NCU). Citrus Co., Crystal, along or in water along railroad, Combs 1004 (US). Collier Co., Rte 41, 1 mi.W of Monroe Station, Hill 2754 (SMU); Naples, Godfrey 74458 (FSU, NCU); Fathlahatchee Swamp, J. H. Davis s.n. (FLAS); Fakahatchee Strand, Roadside, Janes Hwy, Avery and Churchill 2062 (FLAS); Fakahatchee Strand 7 mi.NW of route 29 junction, Churchill s.n. (SMU); NW of Copeland, Atwater 612 (FLAS); Vicinity of Bahama Ranch, off US 41, W of Everglades City, Lakela 31325 (GA, NCU); Remuda Ranch, W of Everglades City on Tamianmi Trail, US 41, extensive cut area in Big Cypress Swamp, Lakela 31723 (NCU, RM); Marco Island, Harvey 8203 (MONTU). Dade Co., Montgomery Foundation, E of Old Cutler Rd at a point E of end of SW 120 St, ca. 3 mi. S of South Miami, Orzell 22042 & Bridges (BRIT). About ponds along road just E of Homestead Airforce Base, Correll & Popenoe 49096 (NCU); Homestead, Herndon 905 (BRIT, RSA); Long Pine Key, Atwater GS–149 (FSU); W of Homestead, Avery & McPherson 1691 (FLAS); Marl Prairie, Davis s.n. (FLAS 38437); Homestead, Byrd s.n. (FLAS 114443). Franklin Co. 6 mi. SW Carrabelle, White 176 (RSA); Cape St. George Island, ca. 0.7 mi. of Marshall House, Anderson 9949 (FSU); St. Vincent Island, just W of Tahiti Point on NE sector of Island, Anderson 8964 (FSU); Dog Island, in W sector of Cannonball Acres, Anderson 5907 (FSU); St. Vincent Island, 1.8 mi.W of Tahiti Beach, Anderson 8580 (FSU). Glades Co., Hicpochee, Beardsley s.n. (FLAS 50590); Hendy Co. 12 mile Slough, Davis s.n. (FLAS 38438). Hillsborough Co., ca. 12 mi. SE of Tampa off US 41, Ray et al. 10615 (US). Lee Co., Sanibel Island scrub along Caloosa Drive, Churchill 7952 (ASU); Middle Sanibel Island, Brumbach 5374 (FLAS); W Sanibel Island, Brumbach 6964 (GH, FLAS); Upper Captiva Island, Brumbach 9160 (BRIT, FLAS, GA, GH, MICH, NCU); Central Sanibel Island, Brumbach 6960 (FLAS); 5 mi. E of Ft. Meyers Beach, Kral 7543 (GH, FLAS, NCU); 4 mi.N of Ft. Myers, Godfrey 65411 (FSU). Manatee Co., Brandenton Beach, Godfrey 65221 (FSU). Monroe Co., Loop Rd. 94, Correll et al. 42238 (LL); Flamingo, Everglades N.P., Atwater GS–162 (FLAS); Moist ground near Watson Hammock, NW side Big Pine Key, Thorne 15030 (GH); Big Pine Key, around small pond and brook, Swallen 5174 (US). Palm Beach Co., 18 mi. E of Belle Glade on FL 80, Dusky s.n. (FLAS 150015). Pinellas Co., Near Maximo Pt., St. Petersburg, Thorne 15440 (FSU, US). Sarasota Co., 3.5 mi. N of Englewood on Rte 775, Brass 28964 (NCU). St. Johns Co., Guana Lake, 10 mi. N of St. Augustine, Simons s.n. (FLAS 134057). Sarasota Co., 3.5 mi. N of Englewood on Rte 775, Brass 28964 (FLAS). Seminole Co., 2 mi. E of Geneva, Kral 5098 (FSU, GH, SMU); Upper St. Johns Riv., ca. 4 mi. S of FLA 46, Auth 62 (FLAS). Wakulla Co., Near Oak Island, Godfrey 58904 (FSU); St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge, Godfrey & Kral 54080 (FSU, GH, NY); St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge, Godfrey 55753 (FSU, NCU). Idaho: Canyon Co., Right side of Currant Island, T1N, R3W, Sec. 35, NE ¼, Dixon 114 (KANU); In seed from Forage Genetics, 812 First St., Nampa, Robinson s.n. (MU). Owyhee Co., Moist sandy soil along the Snake Riv. at Walters Ferry, Baker 8591 (US). Illinois: Adams Co., Shore of Mississippi Riv., at ferry loading, W of Meyer, Evers 78417 (MO). Alexander Co., Horseshoe Lake, Huston 71 (MO). Bureau Co., W side of Illinois River, decommissioned IL Rt. 26 bridge right-of-way, Hill 20819 (BRIT). Calhoun Co., Shore of Mississippi Riv., Cap au Gris bluff SW of Batchtown, Evers 89684 (NCU); Sand bar, Royal Landing, E of Brussels, Evers 98144 (MU). Champaign Co., Urbana, Ahles 7426 (ARIZ, BAA, CM, GH, KANU, NCU, OKLA, PR, RM, SMU, UC, US, W). Clark Co., Streets [of] Marshall, Bock 15 & Chase (SMU). Cook Co., Chicago, Moffatt 554 (GH, OKL); Berm of US Rt 6, 0.5 mi. E State Rt. 7 and W of 180th Ave, Cusick and Furlow 23702 (MICH); Buffalo Woods, junction of 87th St and US Rt. 45 (96th Ave.), Hill 28798 & Tessene (BRIT). Grundy Co., W side of Aux Sable Creek at turf farm, between Minooka Rd and Route I-80, ca. 2 mi. due W of Minoka, Hill 36535 (BRIT, MU). Jackson Co., Mississippi Riv. shore, at Station 7, Evans 642 (MO); cinder–bed along railroad, Urbana, Ahles 7560 (NCU). Jefferson Co., Railroad tracks at crossing of IL State Hwy 15, ca. 4.8 mi. W of intersection with Interstate Hwy 57, ca. 4.7 mi.W of Mt. Vernon, Snow 5842 (MO). Jo Daviess Co., Weedy areas along railroad tracks in cut through Maquoketa Shale, on W side of Scales Mound, Nee 22019 (KANU, NY). La Salle Co., Salt marsh along creek, in bottoms of Illinois Riv., 4 mi. E of Starved Rock, Steyermark 40618 (GH). Madison Co., Pond shore, 2 mi. SW of Poag, Evers 77839 (MO). Monroe Co., S of Fults, Mississippi Riv. floodplain, Bailey & Swayne 3072 (NCU). Randolph Co., Kaskaskia Island, W of Mississippi Riv., around slough, near Dozaville, Vincent & Thomas 8081 (MU). Sangamon Co., ¾ mi. S of Buckhart, Shildneck 15699 (MU). Will Co., NE of Channahon, at SW corner of intersection where US 6 goes over US 66 (I-55), Schulenberg 73-351 (BRIT). Wyandot Co., Along Co Rt 99, SW of Co Rt 16, NE of Carey, Cusick 35680 (MU). Indiana: Adams Co., Weedy berm of US Rt 33 at SE limits of Decatur, Cusick 29817 (MICH). Allen Co., berm of St. Rt. 101 at S limits of Monroeville, Cusick 29815 (CM); Median of US Rt. 30 at junction of Ternet Rd., N of Tillman, Cusick 25808 (MICH, NY). Benton Co., ca. 0.5 mi. of Otterbein off US Rt. 52 along the N and W railroad, Brant & O’Donnell 953 (CM, MO). Jay Co., berm of State Rt. 67, 1–1.5 mi. E of Trinity, Cusick 28473 (MICH). La Porte Co., On S side of I-94 just E of US 421, Schulenberg 74-284 (BRIT). Newton Co., N of Foresman, S of Mt. Ayr, NE of Brook, at the bend in Ind 55 at SE corner of Sec. 35, T29N, R8W, Schulenberg 76-466 (BRIT). Porter Co., Porter, SW corner of junction Hwy 49 and Hwy 20, Reznicek et al. 8321 (ISC, MICH). Steuben Co., Along US Rt 20, 1 mi. E of Angola, Cusick 36709 (MU). Van Wert Co., Junction of St. Rt 66 and Fifth St., W limits of Delphos, Cusick 29796 (CM). Iowa: Clay Co., SW margin of Mud Lake, Hayden 13 (GA, MICH, MO, MONT, NMC, NY, SMU, UC, US); W margin of Mud Lake, Hayden 87 (GH, MO, NY); Gravelly, sandy shore of Round Lake, Hotchkiss 4542 (US). Dubuque Co., Waste ground along Mississippi Riv., N of Dubuque Harbor, Cusick 31183 (GH, VPI). Fremont Co., Gravel road bearing N from IA Hwy 2, ca. 0.4 mi. E of bridge over Missouri Riv., ca. 1 mi. N on the gravel road, Snow & Koster 5824 (MO); Bartlett State Wildlife Mgmt Area, small lake in sandy barrow pit NW of exit off I-29, Freeman 20981 (KANU). Harrison Co., In DeSoto Bend Wildlife Refuge, Sutherland and Kaul 3984 (NY). Mills Co., Pacific Junction, 2 mi. S of Keg Creek Lake Wildlife Mgmt Area, Freeman 20932 (KANU). Monona Co., Onawa, 4 mi. W, 1 mi. W of Louisville Bend Wildlife Mgmt Area, Freeman 23050 (KANU). Pocohontas Co., Pocahontas, Pohl 6929 (FSU). Polk Co., Pond adjacent to original Skunk Riv. bed, Van Bruggen 3324 (UC). Story Co., Ames, along railroad tracks near Iowa State Univ., Davidse 1923 (MO, US). Woodbury Co., Snyder Bend Wildlife Mgmt Area, Freeman 20891 & Morse (KANU); Dessicated margin of Brown’s Lake, Sec. 33, 2 mi. W of Salix, Thorne 16342 (BRI, NCU); Rest Area beside U.S. Hwy 59 at Seven Oaks S of Corregan, Thomas & Thomas 153315 (GREE). Kansas: Allen Co., Kirschner farm, 2 mi. E of Humbolt, Dubois 229 (US). Anderson Co., 2 mi. N of Garnett, Wilson 6942 (KSTC). Atchison Co., 2 mi. N of Atchison, McGregor 29881 (KANU). Barber Co., ¼ mi. S of Elm Mills, Stephens 19289 (KANU); Barber County State Lake, McPheeters 93 (KSTC); State Lake Medicine Lodge, Hall 83b (KSTC); State Lake, Greiner 220 (KSTC) and Wilson 7068 (KSTC). Barton Co., Cheyenne Bottoms, Wilson 4512 (KSTC); Cheyenne Bottoms, ca. area 34, Wilson 4559 (KSTC); Cheyenne Bottoms, Lindstrom 752 (KSC, OKLA); Cheyenne Bottoms, ¼ mi. NE of Dock #7, Wilson 4527 (KSTC) and 4542 (KSTC); ibid. except “Area 19”, Wilson 4271(KSTC); Cheyenne Bottoms, Prather s.n. (KSTC 011252); 2 mi.SE Redwing, area of the Cheyenne Bottoms, McGregor 12652 (KANU, US); Cheyenne Bottoms, SE corner of Pool 2, Hoffman s.n. (KANU 17922); 2 mi. S, 5 mi. E of Hoisington, Cheyenne Bottoms Nature Conservancy Reserve, near Rush Lake, Morse 1585 & Loring (KANU) and (ibid.) 1599 (KANU); Great Bend, Runyon 323 (CM, FLAS, MICH, RM); Hoisington, 1.0 mi. S, 2.0 mi. E of Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve, Freeman 5354 (KANU). Bourbon Co., Fort Scott (8 mi. W of, on US 54), Wilson 6600 (KSTC). Brown Co., 1 mi. N of Horton, McGregor 29872 (KANU). Butler Co., 5 mi. N of El Dorado, McGregor 29495 (KANU). Chase Co., Chase County State Lake, McGregor 29483 (KANU); NW edge of Lake Kahola, Wilson 8061 (KSTC). Chautauqua Co., 1 mi. S, 2 mi. E of Chautauqua, McIntosh 84 (KANU). Clay Co., 1 mi. W of Clay Center, Stephens 29473 (KANU); Broughton, 1 mi. S, 0.5 mi. W, Freeman & Elliot 7555 (KANU); Clay Center, 1 mi. S along KS 15, Freeman & Elliot 7747 (KANU). Cloud Co., Ditch on corner 1 mi. E of S side of salt marsh 4 mi. E of Jameston, Fraser 300 (KSC); 1 mi. NW of Old Lake Schley, Fraser 631 (MICH); R4W, T5S, NW ¼ sec. 17, Ungar 1118 (KANU); Concordia, 1 mi. N along US 81 on N. Side of Republican River, Freeman & Elliot 7646 (KANU). Coffee Co., 2 mi.S & 1 [mi.] W of New Strawn, Magrath 1198 (KSTC); 1 mi. S of Crandall, McGregor 28645 (KANU). Cowley Co., 8 mi. E, 2 mi. N. of Arkansas City, Koch 1604 (KANU, OKLA); 7 mi. W of Winfield, Koch 1815 (KANU); 7 mi. W of Winfield, Koch 2102 (OKLA). Dickinson Co., At rest stop along Interstate Hwy 70, exit 266, ca. 10 mi. W of Abiline, Snow & Koster 5840 (MO); ab. loco, Hitchcock 920 (KSC, RM); 1 mi. S, 1 mi. E of Sutphen, McGregor 37876 (KANU). Doniphan Co., 2 mi. S. of Denton, Denton 141 (KSTC). Douglas Co., 10 mi. N of Lawrence, Ungar 1037 (GH, NCU, SMU, US); 13 mi. S of Lawrence [at] Baldwin Junction, Brooks 12449 (KANU); 3 mi. E of Lecompton, McGregor 29904 (KANU); 4.5 mi. S, 0.5 mi. E of Clinton Reservoir, Freeman 21972 & Freeman (KANU); Clinton Lake State Park, McGregor 41148 (KANU); Clinton Lake, T13S, R18E, NW ¼ Sec. 23, McGregor 39597 (KANU); ca. 0.2 mi. ESE of the Bowersock Dam, Freeman 2718 (KANU). Edwards Co., 3 mi. SW of Kinsley, McGregor 10877 (KANU). Elk Co., 12 mi. E, 6 mi. N of Howard, McGregor 28613 (KANU). Ellis Co., Saline Riv., Dutt 104 (MO). Ellsworth Co., Kanapolis Reservoir north shore, McGregor 37906 (KANU); ab. loco, Weber 275 (KSC). Finney Co., 1 mi. E, 6 mi. N of Kalvesta, Stephens 63120 (KANU); South edge of Garden City, Stephens 87367 (KANU); Garden City, Condray s.n. (KSC [0027307]). Ford Co., 6 mi. E, 1 mi. S of Dodge City, Stephens 50479 (KANU); 1 mi. NW of Ford, McGregor 10901 (KANU). Geary Co., Grandview Plaza, 1.5 mi. NE Ft. Riley Military Reservation, Main Post, N side of Kansas River just W of Henry Drive, Freeman 19538 (KANU); Ogden, 0.5 mi. S., Freeman 12864 (KANU); Burel City, E side of town, Oxbow of Smoky Hill River on NW side of I-70, Freeman 19383 (KANU). Gove Co., West edge of Quinter, Stephens 86677 (KANU). Graham Co., Hill City, S edge of town along US Hwy 283 at the South Fork Solomon River, Freeman 8440 (KANU). Gray Co., 0.5 mi. S of Cimarron, Stephens 50420 (KANU, NY). Greeley Co., 9 mi. E of Tribune, Brooks 8570 (KANU). Greenwood Co., Roadside along Hwy 99 near Verdigris River, Hauser 808 (KSTC). Fall River Reservoir, McGregor 28636 (KANU). Hamilton Co., 1 mi. S of Kendall, Stephens 50385 (KANU); 0.5 mi. S of Coolidge, Stephens 87414 (KANU). Harvey Co., 3 mi. E, 2 mi. N of Burrton, Stephens 19162 (KANU). Haskell Co., 6 mi. N, 10 [mi.] W of Sublette, Stephens 42506 & Brooks (KANU). Jefferson Co., Old town area of Perry Lake, McGregor 39627 (KANU); SW edge of Perry Bank of Deleware River, McGregor 29776 (KANU); Newman, 0.7 mi. S, 0.5 mi. W, Russell & McGregor 474 (KANU). Jewell Co., 3 mi. S of Lovewell, Stephens 86129 (KANU); Lovewell State Park, Lindstrom 149 (KSC). Johnson Co., 4.5 mi. E., 4 mi. N of DeSoto, Brooks 12809 (KANU). Kearney Co., 1 mi. S of Lakin, Brooks 10645 & Hauser (KANU); 4 mi. NE of Lakin, Stephens 87391 (BRIT, KANU); McKinney Lake, just NE of Lakin, Thieret 16259 (MU). Kiowa Co., 0.5 mi. N of Haviland, Stephens 63278 (KANU). Labette Co., Parsons, 1 mi. E, 4 mi. S, KS Army Ammunition Plant, Freeman 6639 (KANU); Parsons, E-central part of town, Freeman 20530 (KANU); vicinity of Parsons, Gwartney 11 (KSC). Leavenworth Co., Ft. Leavenworth Military Reservation, E of S end of Sherman Army Airfiled, Freeman 7467 (KANU). Logan Co., Chalk Bluff & Smokey Hill River, Wilson 5885 (KSTC); Logan County State Lake, Brooks 7298 (KANU); Russell Springs, 8.5 mi.E, 2 mi. S of Smoky Valley Preserve, Freeman 13904 (KANU). Lyon Co., 0.5 mi.N, 1 mi. E of Emporia, Schaefer 1057 (OKL); Emporia, Willis s.n. (KSTC 011264); 1 mi. S of Emporia, Eckert 147 (KSTC); 12 mi. N of Emporia, lake bottom, Osborne 110 (KSTC); 1 mi. N of Emporia on Rd to Reading, Wilson 2630 (KSTC); ½ mi. E of Emporia, Wilson 2716 (KSTC); Peter Pan Park, King s.n. (KSTC 011282); McKenney Marsh, 15 mi. SE of Emporia, Greiner 249 (KSTC); ½ mi. N of US 50 bypass at edge of pond along Burlingame Rd, Lickteig 49 (KSTC); N of 18th St and E of Hwy K-99, Emporia, Spohn 32 (KSTC); N of KS State Teaching Collecge campus waste area, Spohn 33 (KSTC); McKenney Marsh Bank, Nelson 153 (KSTC); Emporia, East Lake area, Husband 79 (USCH); Hartford, 1.5 mi. N, 3 mi. W, Freeman 18097 & Morse (KANU); 0.5 mi. W., 1 mi. N of Reading, Stephens 83330 (KANU). Marion Co., Marion Lake, T19N, R3E, NE ¼ Sec. 22, McGregor 39729 (KANU). Marshall Co., West edge of Marysville, Stephens 86039 (KANU). Meade Co., 0.75 mi. S of Meade, Horr 4457 (GH); 0.75 mi. S of the E side of Meade, Horr & McGregor 4069 (US); 8 mi. S of Meade, Stephens 63022 (KANU); ¾ mi. S of Meade, Horr 4457 (KANU). McPherson Co., McPherson County State Park, McGregor 25894 (KANU). Mitchell Co., 15 mi. S, 2 [mi.] W of Beloit, Stephens 87131 (KANU). Morris Co., Council Grove Reservoir, T16N, R8E, NW-1/4 sec. 2, McGregor 39693 (KANU). Montgomery Co., Eastep Property, ca. 8.5 km NW of Cherryvale, Snow 10978 (KSP); Walnut, Holland 510 (KSC). Morton Co., Cimarron Nat. Grassland, T33S, R41W, sec. 27, McGregor 38416 (KANU); 10 mi. N of Elhart, K-27, Garner 924 (KSTC). Nemaha Co., Nemaha County State Lake, McGregor 29837 (KANU). Neosho Co., 1-1/2 [mi.] S of Erie on levee near Neosho Riv., Holland 663 (KSP); 2 mi. E, 0.25 mi. N of Chanute on K39, Holland 9975 (KANU, KSC); 2 mi.W, 1-3/4 mi. S of Walnut, Holland 1518 (KANU); ca. 3.5 mi. SE of St. Paul, Mission Township, Neosho Wildlife Refuge, Holland 9490 (KANU, KSC). Ness Co., Center of Ness City, McGregor 33518 (KANU). Norton Co., 5 mi. SW of Norton, McGregor 30475 (KANU); Near Almena, Bockelman 2473 (KSC). Osage Co., 4 mi. N of Quenemo, Brooks 12419 (KANU). Ottawa Co., Minneapolis, S edge of town, T11S, R4W, sec. 1, SE ¼, Freeman 9804 (KANU); 4 mi. SW of Wells, edge of State Lake, McGregor 23585 (KANU). Pawnee Co., 1.5 mi.W of Rozel, Stephens 63178 (KANU). Pottawotomie Co., In Roadside ditch 1 mi. N of Louisville, Bartley 1187 (US); County State Lake No. 2, McGregor 29621 (KANU). Pratt Co., Iuka, 4.0 mi. N on US Hwy 281, Freeman 5338 (KANU, OKL); 11 mi. N of Pratt, Barker 1793 (KANU). Rawlins Co., 14 mi. N of McDonald, McGregor 30836 (KANU). Reno Co., Reno-Harvey county line, Wilson 8415 (KSTC); 1.5 mi. W of Nickerson, Stephens 34632 & Brooks (KANU). Republic Co., Sec. 28, T4S, R2W, Elliot 1159 (KANU). Rice Co., 2-3/4 mi. S of Alden, Brooks 17036 (RM); 1 mi. S of Raymond, Stephens 34586 & Brooks (KANU). Riley Co., ca. 77 m W of Kansas State Hwy 18, ca. 3.5 mi. N of Interstate Hwy 70 and ca. 7.3 mi.SW of Manhattan, Snow 6122 (KSP, MO); 11 mi. N of Manhattan, Cove of Tuttle Creek Reservoir, McGregor 29648 (KANU); Sandy floodplain of the Kansas Riv. W of Manhattan, Gates 13642 (MO, MU); Ogden, ½ mi. WSW of Fort Riley Military Reservation, Funston Monument, Freeman 19342 (KANU); Manhattan, Johnston s.n. (KSC [0027275]). Rooks Co., Woodston, 1.7 mi. W of Woodston Diversion Wildlife Area, Freeman 10342 (KANU); Damar, 5 mi. E, 4 mi. N, south side of Webster Reservoir, Freeman 10094 (KANU); E edge of Damar, Stephens 86882 (KANU). Rush Co., 1 mi. S of Bison, McGregor 30548 (KANU). Russell Co., 8 mi. S of Lucas, Wilson Reservoir Area, McGregor 29376 (KANU). Saline Co., 5 mi. S, 5 mi. E of Brookville, Elliot 1766 (KANU); northeast of Kipp, Hancin 507 (KSC); T15S, R4W, Sec 27, NE4, Barnard 1318 (KSC). Sedgewick Co., 0.5 mi. N of Cheney Reservoir, Hauser 2558 & Brooks (KANU); Along Arkansas Riv. at 21st and West Street near I-235 bridge, Walter & Sisco 9600 (MO); Along the Santa Fe railroad in Wichita, Bartley 1224 (US); S. side of the Kansas Riv. in Lawrence, ca. 0.2 mi. ESE of the Bowersock Dam, Freeman 2718 (RM). Sheridan Co., Hoxie, Hauser 3009 (KANU); Selden, Weber 13 (KSC). Seward Co., 5 mi. W of Kismet, Stephens 45749 (KANU); Cimarron River, NE of Liberal, Lindstrom 625 (KSC). Stanton Co., 2 mi. SW of Johnson, Stephens 87436 (KANU); 2 mi. N., 1 mi. E of Saunders, Stephens 87455 (KANU). Sumner Co., T32S R4W, Sec 36, NW ¼, Birkholz 1018 (KSTC) and Birkholz 1332 (KSTC); T30S R2E, Sec 21 SW ¼, Birkholz 1006 (KSTC) and Birkholz 1609 (KSTC); 6 mi. S of Geuda Springs, Brooks 11033 & Hauser (KANU). Wichita Co., 7 mi. N of Leoti, Brooks 8560 (KANU); Wichita, County Park S of 21st Street and E of Ridge Road, Freeman 12938 (KANU). Shawnee Co., Topeka, Smyth s.n. (KSC [0027306]); 1 mi. NW of Tecumseh, McGregor 29740 (KANU); ca. 3 mi. W of Richland, Sec. 25, T13S, R16E, McGregor 40909 (KANU). Wabaunsee Co., At roadside off Exit 338 along Interstate Hwy 70, ca. 27 mi. W of Topeka, Snow & Koster 5841 (MO); Lake Wabaunsee, McGregor 29575 (KANU). Wallace Co., 2.5 mi. N of Sharon Springs, Stephens 45682 (KANU). Woodson Co., Woodson County State Lake, Brooks 12772 (KANU); 2 mi. S. of entrance to Lake Fegan recreation area, at concrete river forge, Wilson 2227 (KSTC); Lake Fegan, E. side by dam, Woodson 6498 (KSTC). Wyandotte Co., ¾ mi. NW of Pomeroy, Brooks 11855 (KANU). Kentucky: Campbell Co., Silver Grove railroad yard, Buddell 439 (NCU, NY); Silver Grove RR yard, Buddell 439 (MU). Fulton Co., Hickman, edge of Pond Slough 2.5 mi .on Ky 971 from Ky 94, Athey 3796 (FSU, WKY); Hickman, sandy roadside ditches, KY 94, 2.4 mi. W of junction of KY 1099, Athey 2015 (GH, NCU, NY). Hickman Co., Railroad shipping yard at Famers Gin in Clinton, Grubbs 11781 (GA). Kenton Co., River Rd and Traverse St., Ludlow, Cusic 36106 (MU). Ohio Co., “Beaver Dam”, Hils 95 (NCU). Louisiana: Calcaseiu Par., 3.0 mi.S of junction of LA Hwys 27 and 14 along LA Hwy 27, ca. 10 mi. SE of Lake Charles, Snow 5804 (MO). Cameron Par., 2.2 mi. W of Rockefeller Refuge Headquarters, Reese 6119 (FSU, SMU); Edge of fresh marsh ca. 2 mi. S of Gibbstown bridge along Hwy 27, McKenzie 143 (MO); On beach, along Holly Beach, Correll & Correll 9606 (GH, US). LaSalle Par., Old Riv. beside US Hwy 84, 9 mi. SE of Jena, Rogers 2548 (NCU). Morehouse Par., Along railroad tracks S of Hayne Avenue and E of Washington St. (LA Hwy 139) in Bastrop, Thomas 121085 (GREE); Railroad yard N of US 165 and Cypress St and E of US 425 and Washington Plaza in Bastrop, Thomas 135981 and Cheatham (MU). Natchitoches Par., N side of Red Riv. at the LA 6 bridge N of Natchitoches and Grand Ecore, Thomas 114844 (MO, NY). Orleans Par., Lake Ponchatrain, Brown 2384 (US). Plaquemines Par., LA Hwy 23, 2.5 mi. N of Mytrle Grove, 12.9 mi. S of US Naval Air Station, Belle Chase, Mississippi Riv. Alcohol Company grounds, in ditch along entrance road, Snow 5786a (MO). West Baton Rouge Par., West Mississippi Riv. Banks, directly across from Baton Rouge, 0.5 mi. E of LA Hwy 1, Snow 5800 (MO). Maryland: Allegany Co., S side of Rt I-68 at Exit 34, St Rt 68, S of Frostburg, Cusick 37524 (MU). Garrett Co., S side of Rt I-68 at Exit 4, St. Rt 42 ramp to Friendsville, Cusick 37517 (MU). Worcester Co. Sand flats bordering Assawoman Bay, Ocean City, Hermann 10725 (GH, MO); wet sandy border of brackish marsh, 1.75 mi. N of Ocean City, Fogg 11411 (GH). Massachusetts: Nantucket Co., Nantucket Island, Sesachacha Pond, MacKeever 810 (US). Suffolk Co., Boston, near Audubon Road, Swan s.n. (SMU); Boston, Swan s.n., 17 Sep 1887 (MU 000078391). Michigan: Berrien Co., NE of Niles, in Penn Central RR classification yards, Schulenberg 73-433 (BRIT). Monroe Co., Public access site on Halfway Ck., near center E 1/2 sec. 33 Erie Twp., ca. 3.5 mi. SE of Erie, Reznicek & Voss 7842 (MICH); 1 mi.W of Azalia, in median of US 23 immediately S of the Cone Rd. interchange, Reznicek 5743 (MICH). Lenawee Co., Along railroad N of Maple St., E of Dean St., Adrian, Smith 2740 (MICH). Saginow Co., SE side of the Saginaw Riv. on disturbed Roadside of M–13 ca. 1.5 NE of Zilwalkee Bridge, Garlitz 3375 (MICH). St. Clair Co., Port Huron Twp., NE 1/4 Sect. 17, large railyard on SE side Port Huron, Reznicek & Schultz 5415 (MICH). Washtenaw Co., Ann Arbor, N side of Maiden Lane just W of junction with Maiden Lane Ct., Reznicek 4954 (MICH).Wayne Co., 3 mi. NE of Romulus, median of Interstate 94, ca. 0.25 to 2 mi. W of the interchange with Merriman Rd., Reznicek 4973 (GH, MICH); Riv.view, W Jefferson Ave., at Grosse Ile tollbridge, Katz 787 (MICH). Minnesota: Pipestone Co., Pipestone, Fellows 56a (CM, US); Edge of city park, Pipestone, Moore 22961 (US). Wilkin Co., ca. 10 mi. S of Foxhome, W of Rte. 19, Wheeler 12062 (MICH). Mississippi. Harrison Co., Cat Island, Tracy et al. 149 (MO); Cat Island, Tracy 9195 et al. (SMU). Jackson Co., Fontainebleau, Demaree 34099e (GH, US). Washington Co., E of Prisilla, Elmore s.n. (FLAS). Missouri: Atchison Co., Edge of a parking lot, in Rock Port, Henderson 94–504 (MO); Along railway grades, near Watson, Palmer 18903 (KSC). Barry Co., 2.5 mi. N of Purdy, Palmer 66390 (GA, SMU). Buchanan Co., Sugar Lake, 3 mi.E of East Atchison, Steyermark 15222 (MO); St. Joseph, 0.5 mi. WNW, French Bottom, Freeman 23576 (KANU). Butler Co., S side of State Hwy 142, ca. 1.2 mi. W of junction with County Rd. 341, ca. 3.5 mi.E of US Hwy 67 in Nellyville, Yatskievych et al. 94–212 (MO). Cameron Co., Burlington Lake, 1 mi. S of Cameron, Steyermark 14927 (MO). Cape Geirardeau Co., Missouri Honkers boat dock, Brooks & Gaither 7223 (BRIT, KANU). Carroll Co., Mud flats along Missouri Riv., 9 mi. S of Carrollton, Steyermark 14864 (MO). Chariton Co., Swan Lake Nat. Wildlife Refuge entrance ca. 5 mi. S of Swan Lake, Harmon 339 (GREE); ca. 2.5–3 mi.S, 0.5-1.5 mi. E of Sumner, Swan Lake National Wildl. Ref., Morse 11706 (KANU). Christian Co., 2.5 mi. W of Sparta, Palmer 57969 (NY, SMU). Clay Co., Missouri City, common on muddy shores, MacKenzie s.n. (MO 2972233). Cole Co., Jefferson City rail yard, near Missouri Riv., Raveill 2160 (MO). Cooper Co., in saline soil around Chouteau Springs, 10 mi. SW of Boonville, and S of Lamine, near Choteau Ck., Steyermark 15915 (MO). Dunklin Co., Campbell, low woods, Kellogg s.n. (MO 2194418). Greene Co., Vicinity of Battlefield, Standley 9581 (US). Holt Co., Big Lake State Park, 3 mi.W of Bigelow, Steyermark 15125 (MO). Howard Co., Around saline springs at Boonslick, 3 mi. W of Boonsborough, Steyermark 14791 (MO). Jackson Co. Kansas City city limit, intersections of Marsh Ave and E Truman Rd., ca. 150 m E of intersection of E Truman Rd. with I-435, Snow & Koster 5823 (MO). Jasper Co., Near “Oakland”, 3 mi. NE of Joplin, Palmer 32551 (MO, NY); Joplin, Palmer 2509 (NY, US). Lafayette Co., Along a railroad right-of-way at Co. Rd. Z, at the S edge of Bates City, Henderson 92-404 (MO); Lewisville, Sundel 12326 (MU). Lincoln Co., North Platte, bed of North Platte Riv., Kiener 17457 (UC); Prairie Slough Conservation Area, ca. 5 mi. NE of Elsberry, E of Rt. P and NNW of Westport Island on the Miss. Riv., McKenzie & Jacobs 1628 (MO). Mississippi Co., US Hwy 60 on Missouri side of Mississippi River, Harmon 1747 (GREE). Moniteau Co., 6 mi.NE of Jameston on a sandy island in the Missouri Riv., Harmon 1774 (GREE). New Madrid Co., near La Forge, Steyermark 8853 (MO). Newton Co., Grand Falls, 3 mi. W of Redings Mill, Palmer 58866 (GA, KANU, KSC). Marion Co., Bear Ck. bottoms, Hannibal, Davis 3449 (MO). Pemiscot Co., Intersection of I–155 and Co. Rd. U overpass, McKenzie 1163 (MO). Pettis Co., Along a railroad right–of–way at MO 127, in La Monte, Henderson 92–388 (MO); 4.5 mi. W of Steele on Hwy 164 at junction with C, Summers 5370 (MO). Pike Co., At Clarksville, Evers 89860 (MO). Platte Co., Low Roadside, along MO 45, ca. 1 mi. S of Farley, Henderson 94–522 (MO). Ralls Co., Around margin of salt–sulphur spring lake at Spalding, Steyermark 25692 (MO). Randolph Co., Around saline soil of lake area at Randolph Springs, between Clifton Hill and Huntsville, Steyermark 16040 (MO). Saline Co., Missouri Riv. bottoms, opposite Glasgow, Steyermark 9391 (MO, UC). Scott Co., 1 mi. N of Commerce, Brooks & Ohmart 7597 (BRIT, KANU). St. Charles Co., ca. 1.5 mi. W of Defiance, along high sand bars of Missouri Riv., Snow 5845 (MO); Below US Hwy 40 bridge over Missouri Riv., first floodplain terrace on N bank of Riv., Snow 6003 and 6016 (MO). St. Clair Co., Shore of White Sulphur Spring, 4.5 mi. NE of Iconium, Steyermark 24416 (MO, NY, POM, US). St. Genevieve Co., Us Rt 61, S of St. Mary post office, Cusick 33293 (MU). St. Louis Co., Jefferson Barracks County Park, adjacent to railroad tracks paralleling Mississippi Riv., Snow 5781, 5783 (MO); St. Louis, Junction of I–170 and State Hwy 340 (Olive Blvd), Snow 5820 (MO); Along railroad tracks ca. 50 m N of track’s junction with Stein Street, just W of Mississippi Riv., Snow 5821 (MO); Along railroad tracks, E edge of Jefferson Barracks County Park, beyond end of Gark Rd., Snow 5822 (MO); St. Louis, along railroad tracks paralleling Manchester Rd., just S of intersection with Sublette Ave., Snow 5996 (KSP, MO, MU). Stoddard Co., along railroad tracks at the grain elevator in downtown Dexter, Ladd et al. 13604 (MO); T25N, R12E, near centre point E boundary Sec. 12, Brant and Gereau 1125 (MO). Stone Co., Piney Creek Wilderness, around Table Rock Lake, SW ¼, Sec. 19, R24W, T21N, Rebman 493 (ASU). Montana: Big Horn Co., ca.10 mi. S of Custer, Lesica 8038 (MONTU). Phillips Co., Ephemeral pond near Beaver Ck. ca. 25 mi. SE of Malta, Lesica 4590 (MONTU, NY); Malta, D. Messner s.n. (MONT). Richland Co., Seven Sisters Wildlife Management Area, ca. 15 mi. E of Crane along Yellowstone River, Heidel 1568 (MONT). Roosevelt Co., SW end of Horstead Lake, 5 mi. NW of Froid, Hotchkiss 6965 (MONT). Yellowstone Co., W edge of Billings just N and E of intersecton of Danford Rd and 56th St., McEldowney s.n. (MONT). Nebraska: Burt Co., Uct of US Rt 75 & St Rt 51, Cusick 36392 (MU). Cass Co., N of Louisville on Hwy 50, along the Platte Riv., Churchill s.n. (MO 2619370). Clay Co., 1 mi. W and 1.5 mi. N of Ong, Churchill and Albert 2079 (MO). Cuming Co., 0.5 mi. W of West Point on Hwy 32, along Elkhorn Riv., Churchill 4809 (MO). Dawson Co., Channel of Platte Riv., S of Lexington, Kiener 17236 (GH). Hall Co., 5 mi. E of Grand Island, Tolstead 41638 (UC). Jefferson Co., 4 mi. NNW of Gladstone, Churchill 7989 (BRIT, KANU, MO). Kearney Co., Hapeman s.n. (POM); “Prairies and sandhills”, Rydberg 6512 (NY, RM); Minden, Hapeman s.n. (ARIZ 147351; MU barcode 000078455; OKLA 11887). Keith Co., S fork of Platte River, near Ogallala, Lindstrom 926 (KSC, OKLA). Lancaster Co., E shore of Oak Lake, just W of Lincoln, Churchill 2631 (MO); Lincoln, 27th St and Hwy 80, Ungar 1178 (KANU). Merrick Co., Just S of Silver Creek on Hwy 39, T15N, R3W, sec. 4, Churchill 6648 (KANU). Richardson Co., Lake bed of the Verdon Lake, W of Verdon, Reynolds 2285 (MO); East shoulder of Rulo-White Cloud Road, Shildneck C-6922 (KANU); SE bank of cut-off lake between levee and west bank of Missouri River, SE corner of S29, R18E, T2N, Shildneck C-6802 (KANU). Thomas Co., On Middle Loup Riv., near Thedford, Rydberg 1713 (NY, US). Webster Co., 1 mi. S of Red Cloud, Stephens 51200 (KANU). Nevada: Churchill Co., Lahontan Valley, Stillwater Point Reservoir Diversion Canal, Tiehm 12743 (ASU, MONTU). Clark Co., Las Vegas, Corner of Mayflower and Falcon Lanes, Bostick 5002 (ARIZ). Douglas Co., Carson Valley, near Minden, Archer 6746 (GH, NA, NY). Elko Co., Hot Springs 0.5 mi. S Elko along Humboldt Riv., Holmgren 1872 (ARIZ, NA, UC, W). Humboldt Co., Sheldon Nat. Wildlife Refuge, Virgin Valley, Pond 21, 0.7 air mi. SE of Range HQ Duffurena Ranch, Tiehm & Rogers 4684 (NY). Nye Co., Nevada Test Site, Vicinity of drainage channel from Warm Springs, Rt. 6, base of S Hot Ck. Range, Beatley 11826 (NY, US). Washoe Co., Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, Tiehm 13411 (ASU, MONTU); Reno, Tracey s.n. (BRIT, KSC). New Jersey: Atlantic Co., Salt marsh pond, Ventor, Mackenzie 7372 (MICH, MO); Brackish meadows, Atlantic City, Parker 10925 (MO). Cape May Co., In sand, Cape May Point, Brown 102 (GH, MU). Salem Co., Clayey cornfield along Alloways Ck., 3.5 mi. W of Hancocks Bridge, Fogg 7734 (MO); tidal marsh along Alloways Ck., 3 mi. W of Hancock’s Bridge, Fogg 7730 (GH). New Mexico: Chaves Co., Roswell, Earle and Earle 330 (MO, NMC, NY, US, W). Dona Ana Co., Las Cruces, NW corner of NMSU campus, Spellenberg 4336 (NY) Franklin Mts., Anthony Gap, Worthington 17211 (NY); 1.5 Road mi. SW of the old Mt. Riley train watering stop at playa, Worthington 12715 (NY, UTEP); Potrillo Mts, W Potrillo Mts, playa along Columbus to El Paso Rd., ca. 2.5 km SW of the old Mt. Riley Station, Worthington 22368 (NY, UTEP). Eddy Co., Carlsbad, Tracy 8172 (NY). Grant Co., Phelps Dodge 1, Plot 14M, N32.89725, W108.59708, Loring 2823 (KANU). Guadalupe Co., 6.5 mi. N of Santa Rosa along the Pecos Riv., Higgins 8915 (ASU, NY). Hidalgo Co., Diamond A Ranch, Turner 2002-25 (ARIZ); Gray Ranch, just east of Headquarters along main road, Allred 6005 & Roalson (ARIZ); Gray Ranch, Turner & Turner 2004-35 (ARIZ); 7 mi. S and 2.4 mi. SE of McAllen, Shinners 17154 (SMU); Animas Valley, junction of NM 338 with NM 79, Worthington 14909 (NY); Vicinity of Lordsburg Playa on NM Hwy 338 immediately S of the Interstate–10 interchange, McIntosh 2257 (US); Upper San Simon Valley near Rodeo, ca. 6 mi. E of Portal Peak (AZ), Moir 11 (ASU). Lea Co., Playa lake S side of Hwy 62 and 180, ca. 10 mi. W of Hobbs, Correll & Correll 36060 (NY); 5 mi.N of Tatum, Goodding 2505 (ARIZ, MU). McKinley Co., 5.5 mi. E of US Hwy 666 on Najavo Hwy 9 to Crownpoint, Spellenberg 4835 (NMC, NY). Roosevelt Co., 10.5 mi. E of Elida, Stephens 80162 (KAN). Sandoval Co., Along NM 44, ca. 23 mi. NW of Bernalillo, Henderson 69–352 (FSU, MO, NCU); 2.4 mi.N of San Ysidro on Hwy 44, 32 air mi. NW of Albuquerque, Shultz & Shultz 1296 (GH, NY). San Miguel Co., Bell Ranch, Schiebout 8166 (GREE). Socorro Co., Socorro, Vasey 523 (US). Union Co., Clayton Lake State Park, Schiebout 7401 (GREE); USFS Rd. 34, Schiebout 7655 (GREE). New York: Cayuga Co. Salt flats, Montezuma, Metcalf 5717 (GH, MO, NY, US, W). Chataqua Co., Weedy ground at junction of State routes 5 and 76, N of Ripley, Cusick 29143 (MICH). Erie Co., Deadend of Fuhrmann Blvd. at Coast Guard Station, Buffalo, Cusick 29162 (MICH). Onondaga Co., Pleasants Beach, Onondaga Lake, Rowlee & Smith s.n. (MO 2972206). Rockland Co., Beside Continental Can Company parking lot adjacent to Piermont pier, Oragnetown Township, Lehr 1212 (NY). North Carolina: Brunswick Co., Smith Island complex, pond on Bluff Island, LeBlond 4073 & Weakley (NCU). Dare Co., Roanoke Island, Manteo, waste area around warehouse, Crutchfield 5474 (NCU); Bodie Island salt marsh, Burk s.n. (NCU). Davidson Co., 2.8 mi. S of Southmont, Ahles & Leisner 18728 (FSU, NCU). Hyde Co., Low marsh, usually exposed during summer, Lake Mattamuskeet, Rudolph 13–84 (GA); 5.9 mi. S of Fairfield, E of NC 94, Leonard 8559 (FLAS, FSU, NCU); Alligator River at NC 94, LeBlond 3030, 12 Sep 1992. North Dakota: Burleigh Co., Long Lake, Moffit, Stevens 380 (GA, OKL, UC, W). Cass Co., Fargo, Stevens 1587 (KANU, KSTC, NCU, UC, US); Fargo, Stevens 2517 (KANU, UC, US). Emmons Co., Mouth of Badger Creek adjacent to the Oahe Reservoir, 13 mi. W, 1 mi. N of Hazelton, Williams 1414 (KANU); 3 mi.S of Glencoe Church, Williams 653 (KANU). La Moure Co., W side of Hwy 281, SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec. 3, Golden Glen Township, Edgeley, Moore & Moore 10071 (KANU, GH, NY, OKL, SMU, UC). Logan Co., Ashley, Stevens 120 (CM, NA, NCU, UC, US). McIntosh Co., 3.5 mi. W of Ashley, Larson 3901 (KANU); Lake Hoskins, 3 mi. W of Ashley, Williams 3201 (KANU). Sargent Co., 5 mi. S of Cayuga, Larson 3791 (KANU). Williams Co., 5 mi. N and 2 mi. E of Williston, Hegsted 8525 (KANU). Ohio: Ashtabula Co., Junction of State Rts. 193 and 531 E of Kingsville–on–the–Lake, Kingsville, Cusick 23976 (MICH, MU). Auglaize Co., Median of US Rt 33 at juct of Rt I-75, SE of Wapakoneta, Cusick 25821 (MU). Butler Co., Behind Middletown High School, Breiel Blvd near Mahcester Rd, Vincent 15657 (MU); Bermof Rt I-70, N of Tylerville Rd exit, Cusick 24814 (MU). Columbiana Co., St Rt 170 at Dickinson Rd, SE of Petersburt, Cusick 36720 (MU). Crawford Co., Along the Pennsylvania railroad in Bresline, Bartley 2493 (NY). Cuyahoga Co., W side of Cuyahoga Riv. between Washington and Winslow streets, Cleveland, Cusick 24014 (MICH); Rt I-71 at exit to W 150th St, city of Clevland, Cusick 24017 (MU). Fulton Co., berm of entrance ramp to Ohio Turnpike at St. Rt. 108, N of Wauseon, Cusick 25824 (MU). Guernsey Co., Berm of US Rt 22, SW jct of St Rt 513 at Antrim, Cusick 25806 (MU). Hancock Co., Ashland Oil Co. tank farm, S Sandusky St. and NE junction of Rt. I–75 and State Rt. 15 Findlay, Cusick 21882 (MICH). Hamilton Co., Junction of Lawrenceburg and Sand Run roads, Cusick 25551 (MU, NY); Weedy railroad yards, S of jucntion of Herring Way and Stadium Rd., city of Cincinnati, Cusick 26048 (KE, NY). Harrison Co., berm of US Rt. 22 at Nottingham Church, Cusic 25805 (MU). Higland Co., Jct of US Rt 50 and Cave Rd, W of Bainbridge, Cusick 35657 (MU). Jackson Co., City of Jackson, Pontious & Bartley 25 (NY). Lake Co., Entrance to Morton Salt Property, deadend of State Rt. 44, Grand Riv., Cusick 23967 (MICH); Rt I-90, ½ mi.E, jct of state route 306, city of Mentor, Cusick 23971 (MU). Lawrence Co., Junction of US Rt. 52 and Solida Rd., South Point, Cusick 24644 (MICH, NU, NY); 4 mi.SW of Hoxie, Taylor s.n. (BRIT). Lee Co., Along RR, 20th St, Fort Madison, Cusick 35566 (MU). Lorain Co., Berm on S side of St Rt 2 at rest area, W of bridge over Vermilion Riv., SE of Vermilion, Cusick 29738 (CM); Lake Erie, E mouth of Black Riv., city of Lorain, Cusick 31314 (VPI). Lucas Co., Between Maumee Riv. and Ottawa St. at Anthony Wayne Bridge, Toledo, Cusick 27185 (CM); Ohio Turnpike, W of Exit No. 4, weedy ground at service plaza, Cusick 25823 (NY); Manhattan Blvd, at Bolevard Station, Toledo, Cusic 25906 (MU). Montgomery Co., Road berm at jct of Pinnacle and Vance Rds, city of Moraine, Cusick 25651 (MU). Muskingum Co., berm on S side of Rt I-70, 2 mi.E of St Rt 13 exit, W of Brownsville, Cusick 36964 (MU). Preble Co., Berm of US Rt 127 at bridge over Rt I-70, Cusick 24723 (MU); Berm of Rt I–70 exit ramp to US Rt 127, N of Eaton, Cusick 31362 (GH). Raleigh Co., Rt I–77 at service area, N of St. Rt 3 exit, NW of Beckley, Cusick 29859 (CM). Stark Co., RR crossing, Broadway Ave, S of state route 153, Louisville, Cusick 36972 (MU). Summit Co., N side State Rt. 18 directly W of junction of Rt. I–77, Montrose, Cusick 24019 (KE, MICH). Tuscarawas Co., RR crossing at St Rt 211 and 3rd St, Dover, Cusick 35713 (MU). Warren Co., St Rt 123 at juct [of [Rt I-71, SE of Lebanon, Cusick 24813 (MU). Oklahoma. Alfalfa Co., Near head of Smith Cove, S side of Sal Plains Lake, Penfound 115 (OKL, OKLA); R10W, T27N, sec. 24, Ungar 1139 (KANU); 2 mi. N, 8-1/4 E of Cherokee, Stephens 71291 (KANU). Beaver Co., From SH 83 & 270 2.7 mi. E, Hoagland & McCarty 99-258 (OKL); Cimarron River, Smith 96 (OKL); Beaver Wildlife Mgmt Area (T4N R22E Sec 12), Hoagland & McCarty 2065 (OKL). Beckham Co., 3.6 mi. S of Carter under Hwy 34/Red River bridge, Buthod & Hoagland AB-10177 (OKL). Blaine Co., From 8a and 51a (W of Roman Nose SP) N ca. 1.7 mi, Hoagland & McCarty 99-7 (OKL); Watonga, 7 mi. N on Hwy 51A from intersection of Hyws 51A and 8, then 2.5 mi. W, Hoagland 0118-92 (OKL). Bryan Co., Hwy 70 bridge across Lake Texoma, Taylor & Taylor 1891 (OKL); Lake Texoma Shore at Johnson Creek, just NE of H; Sand dune area 3 mi. S, 1 mi. E of Albany, Taylor & Taylor 1544B (OKL); across Lake Texoma from Okla. Univ. Biol. Sta., Anderson 321 (OKL); Near Denison Dam of Lake Texoma, Riggs s.n. (OKL [01-0072171]). Canadian Co., T10N, R7W, S11, N/2 of NE/4, T. Albers (landowner), McCarty 727 (BRIT) and McCarty 728 (OKL). Choctaw Co., ca. 4 mi. NE of Swink, Taylor s.n. (BRIT 18811). Cimarron Co., 3 mi. NE of Kenton at base of a canyon in the E end of Black Mesa, Talyor & Taylor 25082 (BRIT); Near Lake Etling in Black Mesa State Park, Taylor & Taylor 2415 (OKL); Rocky canyon that runs to the W from Lake Carl Etling in the State Park, Taylor 16820 (OKL). Cleveland Co., 2 mi. N of Norman, Hopkins 767 (OKL); Canadian Riv. bed, Ten Mile Flats, Lawson and Goodman 578 (NCU, OKL); sandy bed of Canadian Riv., 3 mi. S of Norman, Goodman 4506 (NY, OKL). Comanche Co., Quanah Parker Lake, S end of island Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge, McMurry 835 (US); Geronimo Hill, Ft Sill Reservation, Thompson S0873 et al. (BRIT, OKL, OKLA); ibid, Thompson & Rudman S0601 (OKL, OKLA). Cotton Co., White’s Lake, 3 mi. N on Hwy 281/277 from intersection with 5A and 7 mi. W, Hoagland & McCarty 2111 (OKL); Randlett, 3 mi. S and 3 m. E on sectionline roads from intersection of Hwy 70 and Hwy 277/281, Hoagland & McCarty BLM0388 (OKL). Creek Co., Keystone WMA, 3.7 mi.W of 48/51 jct on Hwy 51, 2.0 mi. N to WMA, & 1.0 mi. E, T19N R8E Sec. 14, Hoagland et al., KEY-279 (OKL). Custer Co., Washita National Wildlife Refuge, T13N R19W Sec. 5, Buthod & Hoagland AB-3355 (OKL). Ellis Co., Four Canyon Nature Preserve, Hoagland 4C-430 & Buthod (BRIT) and 4C-431 (BRIT, OKL); Lake Lloyd Vincent, T9N R26W S34, McCarty 518 (OKL). Garfield Co., Near S end of Runway 35R, Johnson & Brown VAN0159 (OKL). Garvin Co., 1.5 mi.SE of Paul’s Valley, Pohl 5205 (SMU); T3N R3W Sec 20 SE/1/4, Crawford & Crawford 1355 (OKL). Grady Co., 6 mi. NW of Chickasha, Engelman s.n. (OKL [01-0072208]); 3 mi. NW of Minco along the South Canadian River, Pearce 1259 (OKL, OKLA, SMU); Alex Marsh, Anderson Farm, 1 mi. W on SH 19 & 1.2 N of Alex, Magrath et al. 19985 (OKL). Grant Co., 3 mi. W of Jefferson, Hoagland & McCarty 1769 (OKL). Greer Co., 1 mi.E of Plainview, Higgins 7678 (ASU, NY); 1.5 mi. S & 6.0 mi. W of Jester on EW Rd 160, Buthod et al. AB-3354 (OKL). Harper Co., From SH 64 & 34 6.0 mi. W and 6.8 mi. N, Hoagland & McCarty 99-238 (OKL); bridge over West Sandy Creek on US Rt 160, 6 mi. W of Attica, Vincent 10104 (MU); Alkali bottoms N of Laverne on Beaver River, Engleman s.n. (OKLA); Plainview, 5 mi. W along US Hwy 64, Freeman 18237 & Morse (KANU, OKL); Along the Beaver (Canadian) River, 15 mi. W and 4 mi. S of Buffalo, Taylor & Taylor 32695 (BRIT, OKL). Jackson Co., N boundary, 200 m E of active runway, Johnson & Proctor ALT0046 (OKL); 0.5 km NE of calibration hardstand, T2N R20W Sec 11, Johnson & Browning ALT0127 (OKL). Jefferson Co.Waurika, S side of Hwy 79 bridge at the Red River crossing, Hoagland et al. BLM464 (OKL). Johnston Co., ca. 4 mi. SE of Tishomingo on the Tishomingo Nat. Wildl. Refuge, Taylor & Taylor 4153 (BRIT); ibid, ca. 1 mi.NW of Reeves Lake, Thieret 41160 (MU). Kay Co., 6 mi. N. of Newkirk, Stephens 71090 (KANU); Blackwell, city park, Buthod & Hoagland AB4202 (OKL). Kingfisher Co., R9W T19N, Sec. 22, 1 mi. SE on Hwy 51 from bridge over Cimarron, Palmer 1647 (OKLA); 4.6 mi. NW of Kingfisher at Lake Elmer, Buthod & Hoagland AB-2509 (OKL). Kiowa Co., Just outside entrance to Quartz State Park, Smith 298 (OKL). Logan Co., N of Crescent on Hwy 74, Buthod et al. AB-4405 (OKL). Love Co., Edge of a branch of Lake Texoma called Wilson Creek, ca. 10.7 mi. NW of Marietta, Taylor & Taylor 26010 (BRIT). Marshall Co., Fobb Bottom State Hunting Area of Willis Island, Perkins & Perkins 585 (OKL); Margin of Lake Texhoma, Univ. of Oklahoma Biol. Station, Goodman 5758 (GH, KANU, OKL, SMU, UC); E side of Lake Texoma in Fobb Bottom Unit of Lake Texoma Public Hunting Area, Tyrl & Estes 65 (OKL); sandy margin of Lake Texhoma, OK. Univ. Biol. Station, Willis, Schaefer 386 (KSC). McClain Co., Wet sandy river bank, in bottomlands, just outside Purcell, Hopkins 635 (GH, OKL). Muskogee Co., 3.5 mi. SW of Ft. Gibson, Wallis 5471 (OKL, OKLA, SMU). Nowata Co., 3 mi. E from intersection of Hwys 169 and 60, 1 mi. S and 0.5 mi. E., Oolagah Wildlife Mgmt Area, Hoagland et al. OOL663 (OKL). Okfuskee Co., Near Okemah, 0.7 mi. W on Hwy 56 from junction with Hwy 48, Hoagland & Shannon 2692 (OKL). Oklahoma Co., North Canadian River below the dam of Lake Overholser, Taylor 22918 (BRIT). Okmulgee Co., Deep Fork Unit, Eufaula WMA, Benesh et al. DF0156 (OKL). Osage Co., Oklahoma R8E T28N S 25 SE ¼, Palmer 2286 (OKLA); S of Pawhuska, Engelman 1713 (OKL); South of Pawhuska, Engleman 300 (OKL). Payne Co., Sandy flood plain of Cimarron Riv., 1 mi.N of Coyle, Hutchinson 54 (NCU); 2 mi.N of Stillwater, Hendrix 21 (OKLA); Ripley, Learn 69 (OKLA, SMU); 2 mi. W of Stillwater, Ward 164 (OKLA). Pontotoc Co., Pontotoc Ridge Preserve, Folley & Johnson PON0432 (OKL). Roger Mills Co., Southwest floodplain, Washinta Battlefield National Historic Site, Buthod & Hoagland WAS-134 (OKL). Sebastian Co., Arkansas River floodplain, Sec 25, T8N, R31W, Thompson C1074 et al. (BRIT, OKL). Sequoyah Co., Arkansas River, 1 mi. SW of Gore on US Hwy 64, Wallis 1830 (OKL, OKLA). Texas Co., 2 mi. NW of Hardesty, Stephens 79407 (KANU); Guymon, 3 mi. E on Hwy 3 from intersections of Hwys 3 and 136, Hoagland 1140 (OKL). Tillman Co., 4.5 mi. E on Hwy 5C, from intersection with Hwy 5, then 2 mi. N and 0.5 E on section line arods, McCarty m9.137 et al. (BRIT); Hackberry Flat, Hoagland & Wagoner HF0135 (OKL). Tulsa Co., Juniper Hills Nursery, 1-1/5 mi. W of Jct US Hwy 64 & 121 St., Alleman 446 (OKLA). Washington Co., 2 mi. E and 1.2 mi. N of the S jct of US Hwy 60 and US Hwy 70, McDonald 991 (OKLA). Washita Co., 4 mi. W of Dill City, Johnson et al. e455 (OKL); 4.0 mi. S & ca. 3.0 mi. W of Burns Flat, OK, on Hwy 152, Hoagland et al. AB-2728 (OKL); ca. 4.4 mi. NE of Canute at Clinton Lake, Buthod & Hoagland AB-3352 (OKL). Woods Co., Near Arvard, Stevens 1698 (GH, MO, NY, OKL, OKLA); NW of Alva ca. 8 mi., Nighswonger 887 (NCU, OKL, SMU); ca. 9 mi. NW of Alva, Nighswonger 3410 (KSC, OKL); Ca. 9 mi. NW of Alva, Nighswonger 3849 (OKL, OKLA); Ca. 7 mi. NW of Alva, Nighswonger 4010 (OKL). Woodward Co., From SH 51 & US 281 N 6.0 mi. to blacktop, W 6.5 mi, Hoagland & McCarty 99-200 (OKL). Oregon: Malheur Co., Wet alkaline areas near Ontario, Bailey s.n. (GH). Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co., low ground between railroad tracks, 31st St. bridge, N of Smallman St., city of Pittsburgh, Cusick 25780 (CM, MICH); Between RR and Freeport Rd, 0.25 mi. N of Aspinwall, Cusick 36604 (MU). Bedford Co., berm of Penn. Turnpike just W of Exit 11, NW of Bedford, Cusick 26725 (CM); margin of PA turnpike, ¼ mi.W, exit to US Rt 220, N of city of Bedford, Cusick 37486 (MU). Berks Co., S side of Rt-178, Exit 19, St Rt 183, N of Strausstown, Cusick 37936 (MU). Cumberland Co., road berm, S side of Penn. Turnpike, just W of Exit 16, NE of Carlisle, Cusick 27798 (CM). Erie Co., 2 mi. NNE US Rte 20 exit on Rt I–90, Cusick 29147 (CM); E side of St. Rt. 18, just N of junction of Rt. I–90, Cusick 23991 (CM); Rt I-90 E at exit 32, Station Rd, SE of Wesleyville, Cusick 38241 (MU). Franklin Co., road berm, S side of Penn. Turnpike at Exit 14 ramp, 1.5 mi. SE of Willow Hill, Cusick 27800 (CM). Jefferson Co., Entrance ramp, St Rt 28 on N side of Rt I-80, NE of Brookville, Cusick 37896 (MU). Lawrence Co., Edge of US Rt 422 at Moravia Rd exit, S of New Castle, Cusick 36721 (MU). Lehigh Co., US Rt 22 at Krocks Rd, SW of Wescosville, Cusick 37943 (MU). Lucerne Co., St Rt 309, just S, jct of Rt I-80, N of village of Honey Hole, Cusick 38210 (MU). Monroe Co., St Rt 611 at entrance to Rt I-80, town of Delaware Water Gap, Cusick 38532 (MU). Northumberland Co., RR crossing, jct of state Rts 144 & 405, Watsontown, Cusick 37031 (MU). Somerset Co., Berm of Penn. Turnpike at tollgate, Somerset exit, Cusick 26095 (CM, MICH); RR crossing, Stoystown Rd, N of Pleasant Ave, city of Somerset, Cusick 37089 (MU). Washington Co., Berm of US Rt. 40 at junction of St Rt. 231 at Claysville, Cusick 25725 (CM). Westmoreland Co., Berm of Penn. Turnpike at tollgate, St. Rt. 31 exit, Donegal, Cusick 26094 (CM). Rhode Island. Kent Co., East Greenwich, Black Island, Congdon s.n. (POM); Warwick, Guttenberg s.n. (CM 352504); Warwick, Congdon s.n. (KSC). Newport Co., [...] Crescent Beach, Block Island, Fernald et al. 8765 (US). South Carolina. Beaufort Co., Sea Islands, Cuthbert s.n. (FLAS); St. Helena, Cuthbert s.n. (FLAS 10298). Berkeley Co. Santee Wool Combing Mill, Jameston on SC Rt 45, Ahles & Haesloop 25886 (NCU, RSA); ibid., Ahles & Haesloop 30831 (NCU); ibid., Ahles and Haesloop 47043 (NCU). Horry Co., Myrtle Beach, Thorne & Muenscher 8938 (RSA). Georgetown Co., Cat Island, edge of Winyah Bay at Lower Goose Pasture, just W of Rockfish Canal, Nelson 9379 (GA, USCH); Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center, marshy area just behind maritime forest off E side of Beach Rd., near its terminus on South Island, Nelson 9665 (USCH). South Dakota: Beadle Co., Huron, Williams s.n. (MO 2972215); T113N, R61W, Sec. 25, NE-1/4, Larson 9515 (RM); Iroquois, railroad ditches, Thornber s.n. (ARIZ 147347). Brown Co., Dry ponds, Aberdeen, Griffiths 111 (UC); T12N, R61W, Sec. 15, NW ¼, Fairlee 206 & Sieverding (KANU). Butte Co., T9N, R1E, Sec. 15, NW 1/4, Larson 8286 (RM). Kingsbury Co., Iroqouis, Thornber s.n. (GH, UC 120943). Lake Co., 3 mi.W of Madison, Garson 7007 (KANU). Marshall CO., T12N, R59W, Sec. 18, W ½ of NW ¼, Larson 11742 & Fairlee (KANU). Mellette Co., 1 mi. W of Kary, Tolstead 4–481 (GH, UC). 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Surry Co., Fish House Bay, Hog Island State Waterfowl Refuge, Ware 6024 (FLAS, NCU); Fresh to brackish tidal marshes, Hog Island, Fernald & Long 12541 (GH). Washington: Klickitat Co., Damp sandy Riv. shore at Bingen, Suksdorf 11939 (GH, K, MO, P, UC); Damp sandy Riv. shore at Bingen, Suksdorf 10296 (K, UC, US). Whitman Co., Sandy bank of Snake Riv., Wawawai, St. John 6734 (US). West Virginia: Mason Co., berm of St. Rt 2, 0.5–0.7 mi. SW, US Rt. 35 bridge at Henderson, Cusick 24591 (MICH, NCU, NY). Ohio Co., berm of US Rt 40 at E limits of Triadelphia, Cusick 25726 (CM, MICH, NCU, NY); Nearly barren berm of US Rt 40 at NE limits of Valley Grove, Cusick & Shelton 29794 (CM). Wisconsin: Dane Co., Madison, Lake Wingra, Vilas Beach, Iltis 28184 (NY). Milwaukee Co., In cinders, Menomonee Valley railroad yards at 16th St., Milwaukee, Shinners 2623 (GH, NY). Richland Co., Seminary Street sidewalk at the railroad tracks, Richland Center, Nee 3358 (UC). Wyoming: Crook Co., T55N, R60W, Sec. 4, SW ¼, Larson 8278 (KANU). Big Horn Co., Yellowland Wildlife Management Area, Heidel 2123 (MONTU); Goshen Co., Springer Reservoir, ca. 15 air mi. SSW of Torrington, Snow 6072 (GREE, KSP, MO); Springer Reservoir, ca. 1.5 air mi. S of Yoder, ca. 13.5 air mi. SSW of Torrington, Nelson 2498 (KANU, NY, RM); Hawk Springs Reservoir, ca. 6.5 air mi. SE of Hawk Springs, ca. 25 air mi.S of Torrington, Nelson 2522 (NY, RM). Platte Co., Glendo State Park, Glendo Reservoir, receding shorline of Whiskey Gulch, Snow 6082 (KSP, MO). Venezuela. Falcon: Coro, margen de charca entre el aeropuerto y las dunas, Wingfield 5867 (MO, TAES). US Virgin Islands. St. Croix, St. John, Ricksecker 306 (GH, MO, UC).

Taxon Treatment

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