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Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Tiphiidae


Colocistis KrombeinWikispecies linkPensoft Profile


The genus Colocistis exhibits a number of unique traits in both sexes. Features in the female, include the ventrally angulate occipital carina, the ventrally angulate mid- and hindtrochanters, hindcoxal carina on both the inner, ventral margin and dorsobasal surface. Because a number of these features, including the angulate occipital carina and hindcoxal carina are shared with males of Colocistis and the distributions of the two genera coincide Aglyptacros was made the junior synonym of Colocistis (Kimsey 2006[3]).


Male Body length 5–16 mm.
Head. Compound eyes and ocelli enlarged (except quite small in Colocistis chemsaki and Colocistis pilosa); gular carina either not elevated or elevated gradually at level of posterior mandibular condyle, not suddenly produced apically, clypeal length versus width ratio not exceeding 0.35; maxillary and labial palpi not reduced, maxillary palpi six-segmented, exceeding posterior border of gular orifice by half length of palpus; labial palpi four-segmented.
Mesosoma. Fore wing with costa extending beyond stigma for a distance not over half length of stigma; forewing with two discoidal cells and two or three submarginal cells, second submarginal cell completely or almost completely underlying first submarginal cell, first transverse cubital vein arising at or before basal third of second submarginal cell (Fig. 14); hind wing with cubitus arcuately curved, longer that first transverse cubital vein and meeting it at an angle of less than 135 degrees; hind wing with jugal lobe shorter than submedial cell; forecoxa with admesal stridulatory area; hindcoxa with longitudinal carina on inner margin.
Metasoma. Sternum II without basal longitudinal carina (one species with transverse carina); digitus of genitalia without process extending distad of articulum; volsellar plate without spines or teeth, but with flexible hairs on mesal surface.


Female Body length 5–12 mm.
Head. Mandible broadest subapically, with two distinct apical teeth, inner margin with large, obtuse tooth at broadest point, obtuse tooth obscured by scutate bristles, inner margin below tooth with three small teeth, outer carina obsolescent, ventral carina distinct, sharp; maxillary palp 5-segmented; occipital carina well-developed, angulate ventrolaterally, forming straight line ventrally, often subtended by secondary carina; vertex with submedial impressions, lateral setose groove represented by row of large punctures or foveae.
Mesosoma. Propleural ventral margin strongly elevated, with sharp, transverse carina; hindcoxa with longitudinal carina on inner margin; hindtibial calcar slightly curved and acute apically.
Metasoma. Sternum I with transverse subbasal carina well-developed and protruding, subtended by medial pit, and with two foveae basad; tergum I with well-developed lateral ridge.


Colocistis species are found in southeastern California, southern Nevada, southern Arizona, southern Colorado, western Texas and as far south as Oaxaca, Mexico.
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Taxon Treatment

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