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Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Diapriidae


Calogalesus Kieffer, 1912Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Calogalesus Kieffer, 1912b: 6, 43. Type species: Calogalesus parvulus Kieffer, 1912, by monotypy; Kieffer 1912a[1]: 73; Kieffer 1916[2]: 10, 235; Muesebeck and Walkley 1956[3]: 338; Johnson 1992[4]: 145; Masner and García Rodríguez 2002[5]: 116; Rajmohana 2006[6]; 36.
  • Calicuta Rajmohana & Narendran, 2000a: 22–23, unavailable name; Rajmohana and Narendran 2000b[7]: 193; Rajmohana & Narendran, in Rajmohana 2004[8]: 519, 521; Rajmohana 2006[6]: 36.


Body mainly blackish-brown, brown or orange, smooth and shiny. Head with antennal shelf strongly projecting, laterally sharply angled and medially divided; frons with a curved carina on each side extending backwards, forming a ledge above upper eye orbit. Mandible bidentate or tridentate, together beak-like, projecting backwards. Antenna 12-segmented in female, 14-segmented in male; with A1 the longest segment. Female antenna without a clearly defined clava, but flagellar segments more or less thickened apically. Notauli distinct, not reaching transscutal articulation. Scutellum with two large anterior foveae. Fore wing with well-developed marginal cilia and two elongate hairless zones. Petiole strongly curved in lateral view.


This genus shows a nasiform head (elongated with frontal projections) and opisthognathous (backwards directed) beak-like mandibles, which may be associated with digging for hosts and/or bursting from host remains (Nielsen and Buffington 2011[9]).


The genus is known from the following biogeographic regions: Afrotropical (Masner and García Rodríguez 2002[5]); Australian (Masner and García Rodríguez 2002[5]); Malagasy (Kieffer 1912a[1], 1912b[10], 1916[2]; Masner 1965[11]; Gerlach 2013[12]; Notton 2014[13]; Madl 2015[14]); Neotropical (Masner and García Rodríguez 2002[5]; Arias-Penna 2003[15]); Oriental (Rajmohana 2004[8], 2006[6]; Rajmohana and Narendran 2000a[16], 2000b[7]; Rajmohana and Bijoy 2012[17]; Rajmohana et al. 2013[18]).


The genus Calicuta was described by Rajmohana and Narendran (2000a)[16] without type species designation, without included species and was not explicitly indicated as new. It is therefore an unavailable name. A formal publication of the name was intended but was abandoned following the realization that it was the same genus as Calogalesus Kieffer (Rajmohana 2006[6]; Rajmohana pers. comm. with Notton). The name Calicuta was not made available by any of the subsequent publications of Rajmohana and Narendran cited here.
Key to World species of Calogalesus

Taxon Treatment

  • Feng, J; Notton, D; Xu, Z; 2016: A new species of Calogalesus Kieffer from China (Hymenoptera, Diapriidae) with a key to World species ZooKeys, (626): 57-65. doi


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