Agrilus nebulosus

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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Buprestidae
Genus: Agrilus


Agrilus nebulosus Jendek, 2013 sp. n.Wikispecies linkZooBank linkPensoft Profile


BODY. Size: 6.4–7.5 mm (Holotype 6.5 mm).Shape: cuneiform, Posterior tapering part: long with narrow apex, Color (dorsally): unicolored, Sexual modifications in male: not apparent. HEAD. Medial impression: deep, rarely shallow, Epistoma: raised above frons, Vertex: Sculpture elements: rugae, Sculpture density: dense, Eyes: Size: moderate, Lower margin: in line or below with antennal socket, Medial orbit: converging ventrally, Antennae: Length: long, Width: slender, Serration: from antennomere 4. PRONOTUM. Shape: transverse, Sides: slightly arcuate, Maximal width: at anterior margin, Anterior margin: wider than posterior, Anterior lobe: Size: moderate, Shape: arcuate, Position: at level with anterior angles, Posterior angles: Shape: obtuse or rectangular, Apex: sharp, Disk: Impressions: medial and lateral, Medial impression: anteromedial and posteromedial, Prehumerus: Development: carinal, Shape: arcuate, Extent: to 1/3 of pronotal length, Anterior end: distant from lateral carina, Posterior end: joined with posterior angle or margin, Arc: moderate or weak, Lateral carinae: Convergence: moderately convergent, Junction: present, Narrowest point: at posterior 1/5-1/4 of marginal carina. ELYTRA. Color: monochromatic, Humeral carina: absent, Apices: Arrangement: separate, Shape: arcuate, Pubescence: Color: monochromatic, Extent: entire ornamental, rarely entire ornamental with indication of stripes. STERNUM. Prosternal lobe: Size: large, Distal margin: arcuate, Prosternal process: Size: wide, Shape: dilated, rarely subparallel, Sides: straight, Angles: acute, Angles (tips): blunt, Disc: flat, Projection (extend): distinctly beyond angles, Mesosternum: Mesosternal projection: flat. ABDOMEN. Tomentum: absent, Pygidium: Apical margin: arcuate, rarely angulate, Sternal groove: Extent: on all ventrites or on three apical ventrites, Shape on the apex of last ventrite: arcuate, rarely arcuately sinuate, Emargination (deepness): very shallow. LEGS. Metatarsus: Size to metatibia: distinctly shorter than metatibia, Tarsomere 1: Size to following tarsomeres: longer than 2-3 but shorter than 2-4 or subequal or longer than 2-4. GENITALIA. Aedeagus (Fig. 33): Symmetry: symmetric, Shape: widest in basal part, rarely subparallel, Modifications: apex of medial lobe sharply pointed, Ovipositor: Shape: markedly elongate.


From the close Agrilus auriventris, it can be distinguished by the generally smaller size and slender body; by the pygidium arcuate apically and by the the groove on the apex of last ventrite arcuate (rarely sinuate). See also Appendix.

Type locality

North Vietnam, 21°35N, 106°30E, 52 km southwest of Lang Son, altitude 370 m.

Type material

Holotype (Fig. 13), ♂, (EJCB): “N Vietnam, 21°35N, 106°30E, 52 km SW of Lang Son, 27.iv.-6.v.1996, 370 m, Dembický and Pacholátko leg.”. Paratypes:1 ♂ paratype, 7 ♀ paratypes (EJCB) from the same locality as holotype.

Adult occurrence:

5–6 . Altitude range: 300 m.

Host plant





The specific name is Latin adjective nebulosus (misty, hazy, indefinite, obscure). It refers to the faint ornamental elytral pubescence of the species.

Original Description

  • Jendek, E; 2013: Revision of the Agrilus occipitalis species–group (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Agrilini) ZooKeys, 256: 35-79. doi