Acrotrichis (New Zealand)

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Acrotrichis Motschulsky, 1848


Present in the wild. Possibly indigenous. Otherwise exotic.


[A=Exotic, present in the wild; E=Endemic, present in the wild]

I can confirm the presence of the following 4 species:

  • Acrotrichis inconspicua (Matthews, 1874) A?
  • Acrotrichis insularis (Mäklin, 1852) A
  • Acrotrichis josephi (Matthews, 1872) A
  • Acrotrichis sp. ST1 E?

An additional three species have been reported in the literature, but their presence in N.Z. stands in need of confirmation:

  • Acrotrichis fascicularis (Herbst, 1793) A [very old record only, with no definite locality]
  • Acrotrichis grandicollis (Mannerheim, 1844) A [probably recorded in error by Sörensson (2011: 320), no definite records given]
  • Acrotrichis montandoni (Allibert, 1844) A [single specimen record]

The following two nominal species have been reported from N.Z. (as valid species), but are now placed in synonymy:

  • Acrotrichis subantarctica Gressitt & Samuelson, 1964 [=Acrotrichis insularis (Mäklin, 1852)]
  • Acrotrichis subcognata Johnson, 1975 [=Acrotrichis josephi (Matthews, 1872)]


  • Sörensson, M. 2011: The Ptiliidae of Sardinia – new records, distribution and zoogeography, with a checklist of Italian species (Coleoptera). In: Nardi, G. et al. (eds.), Biodiversity of Marganai and Montimannu (Sardinia). Research in the framework of the ICP Forests network. Conservazione habitat invertebrati, 5: 313-329. Full article (PDF)