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Strain information

  • anamorph isolate of ""Fusarium bullatum Sherb.
  • Canada, Manitoba, Winkler county
  • on potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum)
  • isolated on 15 Feb 2008 by Owen Thompson

Colony morphology

Colony: surface on PDA
Colony: reverse on PDA

After 14 days on PDA:

  • aerial mycelium abundant, lanose, cotton- and felt-like, no pionnotal segments, white to pale red (8A3)
  • reverse colony white at growth margin, becoming pale red (7A3) to peach (7A4) toward colony centre
  • sclerotial bodies not observed
  • odor not perceptible

After 14 days on SNA:

  • aerial mycelium sparse, felt-like, white
  • filter paper white, partly overgrown with mycelium
  • sporodochia present, up to 1mm in diam, light orange

Micromorphology (on SNA)





Phylogenetic markers & barcodes