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No request or permission is necessary to participate or publish materials on this platform. To limit spam-messages, however, we have to ask you to request an account. You are welcome to send a mail to contact address below if you have questions, problems, or consider special forms of participation that require a discussion in your opinion.

This site is a publishing platform provided to all users, not a publication controlled by an editorial board. All contributions are the responsibility of the individual author and in many cases, this author should be addressed first. In cases where the platform managers may have to take actions (especially copyright violations or other legal matters), please use the contact below.

Contact and Imprint (German: "Impressum") is:

Dr. Gregor Hagedorn
Plazi Association
Zinggstrasse 16
3007 Bern, Switzerland
E-Mail: name@gmail.com
(spam-protected; please replace "name" with "g.m.hagedorn"
German: Bitte "name" durch "g.m.hagedorn"ersetzen)

Tel. +49–151–34393637.
(spam-protected; please replace eauch "3" with "2"
German: Bitte jede "3" durch "2" ersetzen)


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