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Holger Uhlich was born on the 22nd March 1963 in Dresden, a city in south-eastern Germany, actually the capital of Saxony. Even in early youth H. Uhlich interested in the nature, animals at first, especially birds. During the school days he discovered his affection for plants.

On the 27th August 1981 he found the first Orobanche at the north bank of Lake Balaton in Hungary (Orobanche hederae DUBY). After this moment he devoted oneself to this interested group of parasitic plants.

The first account about the genus Orobanche in Saxony was published in 1990. Since 1989 Holger Uhlich works together with J. Pusch and K.-J. Barthel at a monographic account about the broomrapes in Europe, which was published in 1995. In the 90’s was published some accounts about Orobanche picridis SCHULTZ, Orobanche baumanniorum var. longebracteata UHLICH, Orobanche berthelotii WEBB et BERTHELOT and Orobanche sanguinea f. ischiae UHLICH. H. Uhlich collaborated on the Excursion flora of Germany, the “Flora Hellenica Project”, the Flora of Rhodos and the Flora of Istria.

At last was published an account about broomrapes in Caucasus mts., which included six new taxa (Orobanche benkertii, Orobanche laxissima, Orobanche flava subsp. cicerbitae, Orobanche alba subsp. xanthostigma, Orobanche alba subsp. xanthostigma f. sineglandulosa, Orobanche grossheimii f. pallescens).

Beside of this H. Uhlich studied law in Potsdam and practised from 1997 to 2008 as a lawyer in Dresden. Since autumn 2008 he works as an employee in the administration in Augsburg/Bavaria at first and later in Frankfurt at Main/Hesse. He is married. (For further informations see his homepage.