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Parse a semicolon list to a property (check for Wiki User syntax). Part of Template:Metadata.


{{Metadata/List to property|list=one; two; three;|property=myproperty}}
{{Metadata/List to property|list=one; two; three;|property=myproperty|add category=yes}}
{{Metadata/List to property|list=one; two; three;|property=myproperty|strip formatting=yes}}

Output would be: one • two • three.

Some properties will create a search link to http://species-id.net/openmedia/Special:RunQuery/Search_media_by_metadata


Mandatory parameters:

parameter value (semicolon list)
separator value (default  • )
name of the property to save to
|add category= 
(default no) possible values 1, true, yes
|strip formatting= 
(default no) possible values 1, true, yes. Strips formatting of property but not the display