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Use this tag temporarily, just for categories which require one-shot diffusion. For main categories requiring permanent control use {{Categorise}}, for metacategories ("by country", "by name" etc.) use {{MetaCat}} or its more specialized variants.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Categories requiring temporary diffusion



Or use the shorthand {{OverPopCat}}, {{catdiffuse}}, {{crowded}}, more

Add this template to categories that became too large, unclear or confusingly bulked. Use this just for tagging categories to get sorted once, and remove if category is suitably sorted. For main categories requiring permanent control because of being frequently used in situations where a subcategory would be more appropriate, use {{Categorise}}.

The template takes no parameters.

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Category namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Relies on:


English |

This template is localized through {{Autotranslate}}. The layout of the template can be found under Template:CatDiffuse/layout.

To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please copy the code of Template:CatDiffuse/en (or any other language version you prefer to translate) and replace the text strings in there (the form below can be used to create a translation, the English version is preloaded in the edit box). Please change the parameter lang from en (or whatever language you are translating) to the language code of your language.