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defined already by SMW.

For details see Help:Page has default form (Semantic MediaWiki). Special:Properties lists all available properties in this wiki.

Property:Page has default form is a special property defined by Semantic MediaWiki. Below you find all occurrences of this property.
Annotations: Use only this form on this page despite any default form settings.
"Page has default form" is a predefined property. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

Pages using the property "Page has default form"

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"Amla in Salem".jpg +Information  +
"Coriander".jpg +Information  +
"Field of Turmeric with coconut as a inter crop".jpg +Information  +
"Flowers of sapodilla".jpg +Information  +
"Meillandine" Rose in clay pot.jpg +Information  +
"Une horchatera valencienne, a Madrid" (19937065735).jpg +Information  +
"arara-canindé" - Ara ararauna - se alimentando de frutos e sementes de jatobá - Hymenaea courbaril 09.jpg +Information  +


Zeichen 131.svg +Information  +


'Anser anser' Greylag goose in Lordship Recreation Ground Haringey London England 1.jpg +Information  +
'Buddha's hand citron', c. 1800-1900, China, Qing Dynasty, nephrite jade, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.jpg +Information  +
'Flambeau' or Flame Butterfly. Dione juno.Heliconiinae - Flickr - gailhampshire.jpg +Information  +
'Om AUM'.svg +Information  +
'Paulownia tomentosa' Empress tree Capel Manor Gardens Enfield London England 3.jpg +Information  +
'Still Life with Ducks and Vegetables' by Thomas Hill.jpg +Information  +


(0476) Acrolepia autumnitella (20035330028).jpg +Information  +
(0519) Coleophora deauratella (34455288764).jpg +Information  +
(1018) Cnephasia sp. (7278225264).jpg +Information  +
(1043) Acleris aspersana - Flickr - Bennyboymothman.jpg +Information  +
(85) Paperbark.jpg +Information  +
(Albizia lebbeck) Frywood seeds collected in Visakhapatnam.jpg +Information  +
(Basella alba) Malabar spinach at Bandlaguda 01.JPG +Information  +
(Basella alba) Malabar spinach fruit at Bandlaguda 02.JPG +Information  +
(Cassia fistula) flowers at IG Zoo park 03.jpg +Information  +
(Couroupita guianensis) at Kakinada Gandhinagar park 09.jpg +Information  +
(Helicteres isora) East Indian screw tree seed at Kambalakonda 05.JPG +Information  +
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