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A simple utility template to output various languages depending on the user-selected language. It uses the {{int:allmessages-language}} parser function for this (the {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} isn't changed according to user’s settings but is a wiki-wide setting, defined in Localsettings.php and variable $wgLanguageCode.). English is default. USAGE:

{{Multilingual switch|de=Deutscher Text|en=English text|fr=C'est Français}}
Used languages
prameter language
be беларуская
bg български
cs čeština
cy Cymraeg
da dansk
de Deutsch
ee eʋegbe
el Ελληνικά
en English
es español
fi suomi
fr français
hu magyar
ie Interlingue
it italiano
lt lietuvių
lv latviešu
mt Malti
nl Nederlands
no norsk bokmål
pl polski
pt português
ro română
ru русский
sl slovenščina
sv svenska