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[edit] [purge] Template-info.svg Template documentation


Some logos with a smart intuitive design. Note that it is case insensitive and uses at least the first parameter or parameter 'type =...'. In addition you can specify the height.

Logo: ZooTerms (Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology) {{Logo}} or specify optional parameter “height” {{Logo | height = 30px}} Logo: ZooTerms (Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology)
Upload file {{Logo | upload image}} or upload file, upload picture
Upload file {{Logo | upload image | 30px}}
Semantic wiki {{Logo | Semantic Wiki}}
Images {{Logo | image}}
Move image/Availability {{Logo | copy book }} or move file, move image
Determination {{Logo | determination}} or key
Determination of fungi {{Logo | determination of fungi}} or determinate fungi, determinate mushrooms
Verify/check out {{Logo | book: search}} or book: search, verify, check out
Book/Publication {{Logo | book}} or publication
Search/find {{Logo | search}} or find
Detail {{Logo | details}} or loupe, magnifying glass (not to be confused with search!)
Settings/Tools {{Logo | tools}} or settings, programming
Copy {{Logo | copy}} or copying
Paste {{Logo | paste}} or pasting
Clipboard/Note {{Logo | clipboard}} or note
Compact info {{Logo | compact info}} or compact information
Edit/Format/Usage {{Logo | document: edit}} or edit document
Paint, alter images {{Logo | painting}} or paint
Question mark {{Logo | question}} or question mark
Tips/hints/examples {{Logo | hint}} or hints
Information {{Logo | information}} or info
Help-browser color.png {{Logo | help}}
Construct {{Logo | construct}} or create
Creative {{Logo | creative}} or pencils
Contact {{Logo | contact}} or email
Licence {{Logo | licence}} or license
Sort {{Logo | sort}} or sorting
Education biology {{Logo | education biology}} or education nature, school
Geographical map {{Logo | map}} or geographical map
Categorize {{Logo | categorize}}
Steps/Succession {{Logo | step by step}} or procedure, succession, steps
Systematic {{Logo | systematics}}
tree diagram/hierarchy chart {{Logo | hierarchy chart}} or organizational chart, organigram, tree diagram top down
GIMP Logo {{Logo | gimp}}
Inkscape Logo {{Logo | inkscape}}
Ants {{Logo | ant}}
Amber inclusions (insects) {{Logo | amber insect}}
Amphibians {{Logo | Amphibia}}
Frog spawn {{Logo | frog spawn}}
Frogs {{Logo | frog}}
Salamander {{Logo | salamander}}
Lizards {{Logo | lizards}}
Snakes {{Logo | snakes}}
Birds {{Logo | birds}} or Aves, goose
carabidae {{Logo | beetle}} or Coleoptera, Carabidae
Bumblebees {{Logo | bumblebee}}
Butterfly {{Logo | butterfly}}
Dragonfly {{Logo | dragonfly}} or odonata
Diptera/Flies {{Logo | fly}} or Diptera: flies
Diptera/midges {{Logo | midge}} or Diptera: midges
Grasshoppers {{Logo | grasshopper}} or Orthoptera
Heteroptera {{Logo | heteroptera}} or bugs
Hymenoptera {{Logo | Hymenoptera}}
Spiders {{Logo | Spider}} or spiders
Molluscs/shells {{Logo | mollusca}} or molluscs
Gastropoda {{Logo | snail}} or gastropoda
Fungi {{Logo | mushrooms}} or fungi
Palaeontology {{Logo | palaeo}} or palaeontology
Vascular plants {{Logo | plants}} or vascular plants
Herbal plant {{Logo | herbal plants}} or herbal plant
Ferns {{Logo | ferns}}
Grass like {{Logo | grass}} or grass-like
Grass like {{Logo | grass simple}} or grass-like simple
Blüte {{Logo | flower}} or flowering
Blatt/Blätter {{Logo | leaf}}
Leaf tree {{Logo | leaf tree}} or broadleaf forest, deciduous wood, deciduous forest
Mixed forest {{Logo | mixed forest}}
Habitat {{Logo | habitat}}

You can mix of course “height” with “type”. If there is a “wrong” type a warning message will be created: {{Logo | Things }} creates: .

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