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Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Vespidae
Genus: Vespula


Vespula intermedia (du Buysson)Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Vespa rufa var. intermedia du Buysson 1905[1]:591. Syntype male, female; Manchuria, Hudson’s Bay (PARIS, LONDON).


These wasps occur in the far northern Nearctic Region.


The biology of North American intermedia has not been studied. Vespula rufa in the Palearctic usually nests below ground, in cavities or under eaves. They prey on live insects.
Although treated as a synonym of Vespula rufa (Linnaeus), which is thus a Holarctic species, the North American population is probably distinct and should be treated as a separate species, Vespula intermedia (du Buysson). It differs in coloration from Vespula rufa, with the pale markings being whitish and the metasomal terga I-II with reddish markings. The pale markings are either yellow in Vespula rufa (European specimens), or the terga lack reddish markings (Eastern Palearctic), or there are whitish spots in addition to reddish markings (Eastern Palearctic).

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Other References

  1. Buysson R (1905 [1904]). Monographie des guêpes ou Vespa. Annales de la Société entomologique de France 73(3): 485–556, 565–634.