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Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Vespidae
Genus: Vespa


Vespa crabro LinnaeusWikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Vespa crabro Linnaeus 1758[1]:572. Holotype female; “in Europae” (LINNAEAN SOCIETY).
  • Vespa vexator Harris 1776[2]:128. Holotype female; “English” (destroyed).
  • Vespa crabro major Retzius 1783[3]:63. Type unknown.
  • Vespa pratensis? Geoffroy (in Fourcroy) 1785:437. Type unknown; France.
  • Vespa crabro germana Christ 1791[4]:215. Type unknown (destroyed).
  • Vespa crabroniformis Smith 1852[5]:40. Syntype male, female; “north China” (LONDON).
  • Vespa crabro var. borealis Radoszkowski 1863[6]:128. Syntype male, female; “Pargolova i Osinovoa Roshchi” (type lost?). Nec Vespa borealis Kirby 1837[7], Vespa borealis Zetterstedt 1840 and Vespa borealis Smith, 1843.
  • Vespa crabro var. anglica Gribodo 1892[8]:242. Syntype females; “Inghilterra” (GENOA). Nec Vespa anglica Smith, 1843.
  • Vespa oberthuri du Buysson 1902[9]:140. Lectotype female; “Chine: Se-tchouen, Siao-Lou” (China) (PARIS).
  • Vespa flavofasciata Cameron 1903[10]:280. Holotype female; Japan: Nügata (Shinanogawa) (LONDON).
  • Vespa crabro var. tartarea du Buysson 1905[11]:506. Holotype female; “Japon: Yokohama (BUDAPEST).
  • Vespa crabro var. altaica Pérez 1910[12]:5. Holotype female: “Altai” (PARIS).
  • Vespa crabro var. caspica Pérez 1910[12]:6. Holotype female; “Talysch et Lenkoran, région Caspienne” (Azerbaijan) (PARIS).
  • Vespa crabro nigra Birula 1925[13]:55. Synypes; West Siberia (ST. PETERSBURG). Nec Vespa nigra Geoffroy 1785[14].
  • Vespa crabro vulgata Birula 1925[13]:55. Syntypes ?; western Europe (ST. PETERSBURG).
  • Vespa crabro meridionalis Birula 1925[13]:55. Syntypes ?; western Europe (ST. PETERSBURG).
  • Vespa crabro chinensis Birula 1925[13]:55. Syntypes ?; middle and south China (ST. PETERSBURG). Nec Vespa chinensis Fabricius 1793[15].
  • Vespa crabro var. birulai Bequaert 1931[16]:105. Replacement name for Vespa crabro chinensis Birula.
  • Vespa crabro var. gribodoi Bequaer, 1931:105. Replacement name for Vespa crabro var. anglica Gribodo.


The central European color form of this Palearctic species was introduced into the New York area in the mid-1800’s (de Saussure 1898[17]). It now occurs throughout the eastern United States, east of the Mississippi River.


Nests are generally built in above-ground cavities, wall voids, hollow trees, and even in abandoned honey bee hives. Nests are large in size because of the size of the wasps but generally contain only a few thousand cells. These wasps feed on live insects, including honey bees near hives (Akre and Davis 1978[18]) and have been recorded girdling saplings to feed on sap in the spring (Bromley 1931[19]).

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