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The presentation being developed here is part of Day 2 of Plant Sciences and Policy - Course C: Communication Strategies at the ETH in Zürich in autumn 2011, taking place on November 2, 2011, 9 am – 6.00 pm in the Villa at the Botanical Garden, University of Zürich

Web 2.0 and its use for Science communication

General overview

Social filtering and broadcasting

  • Delicious
background contains all the links mentioned in this talk
Michael Nielsen, Open Society Foundation's Information Initiative
  • Twitter
background post from Bora (Linkfest, Twitter for scientists)
Time to Tweet
a collection of tweets that led to a collaborative writing about
mention lists, e.g. EvoMRI/Politics
Twitterfall and archiving, Storify, Twitter Times
Cameron Neylon, Stephen Curry, Annals of Botany, SAPS News
  • Facebook
  • Friendfeed
From FriendFeed to Nucleic Acids Research
  • Google Plus
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
review article

Article-level metrics

Collaborative authoring

  • Wikis
Tenure awarded in part on Wikipedia contributions
  • Etherpads
Exercise 3
  • Google Docs
  • GitHub

Case studies

Science is vital

Plagiarized theses

Description of a new plant

  • Spigelia genuflexa - collaboration between amateur and professional botanists by way of traditional and social media
See also Social network helps in discovery of a species of plant lice for the first time in Europe

Lorenzo's brain


Open data

  • Open government data
  • Open research data