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Given that the high popularity of Wikipedia essentially renders it the “public face” for many kinds of knowledge, almost any community should have an interest in improving Wikipedia coverage of their respective topics, and even some academic communities have taken measures in this direction.

However, OA coverage on the Wikipedias is patchy, albeit more useful than that of most other Open Science topics: In the English Wikipedia, there are entries on Open access (publishing) (cf. discussion about article title), Open access journal, Hybrid open access journal, Repositories (publishing), Institutional repositories, Disciplinary repositories, Open Journal Systems and about 50 other articles in the parent Open Access category, a subcategory for Open Access journals hosts almost 300 entries, and subsubcategories exist for BMC journals and institutional repository software. However, many of the categories are inconsistently applied, and most smaller Open Access publishers or repositories do not presently have an entry in the English Wikipedia, nor does the Open Access Directory. Most existing articles related to Open Access are rated as stubs or remain unassessed for quality. The situation is even worse for Open Data and most other aspects of Open Science, with some notable exceptions. Coverage in German and other languages is generally much less comprehensive.

This talk will provide an overview of the coverage of Open Access and Open Science topics and the reuse of such open materials on Wikimedia projects, with an outlook on the use of wikis in a scholarly context more generally.