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In contrast to most traditional research projects, the progress of open research projects can be followed online. When an aspect thereof is important in the context of some other research project, it will have to be referenced, just like any other source. Yet not all potentially citable open research sources provide a public version history, and for those that do, not every reader may be aware of that, or know how to access individual versions. Furthermore, publishers and other science communicators have different policies for or practices of referencing online sources. Consequently, the same version of a given source may end up being cited in several different ways, or, conversely, the same citation may actually refer to different versions. Both scenarios might easily lead to confusion. Since one of the motivations behind open science is to make the process more transparent and reproducible, such confusion is to be minimized. The purpose of this talk is to stimulate a discussion on the technical and social aspects of versioned sources in the context of scientific research, and open science in particular. To highlight some of the issues, the presentation itself is being drafted in an open environment with public version history, accessible via .