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Ordo: Hymenoptera
Familia: Stephanidae


Schlettererius Ashmead, 1900Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile


Pronotum more or less rectangularly connected with rest of pronotum (Figs 352, 366); vein 1-M of fore wing distinctly curved (Figs 351, 365); vein cu-a of hind wing present as pigmented vein (Fig. 365); hind coxa with small subapical dorsal tooth (Figs 358, 372); hind tibia not distinctly narrowed and compressed basally (Figs 361, 374); hind tarsus of female with five tarsomeres (Fig. 360); sternite of first metasomal tergite differentiated from its tergite, first tergite 2.4–4.6 times as long as its apical width, not cylindrical, about as long as second tergite (Figs 362, 363, 373, 375); second tergite sessile and smooth basally (Figs 362, 363, 375); posterior part of eighth metasomal tergite of female with pygidial process (Figs 362, 363); ovipositor sheath with ivory subapical band (Fig. 364).


Nearctic, East Palaearctic and Australian (only Tasmania: introduced for biological control of introduced Siricidae).


Two species of Schlettererius are known worldwide, one from China and one from North America. A key to the two species follows:

Key to world species of the genus Schlettererius Ashmead

Taxon Treatment

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