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DELTA is a TDWG standard format to exchange identification data and structured descriptions. Many DELTA datasets are available online in the form compiled for the Intkey format, making them immediately usable for identification. However, it is also desirable to make original DELTA datasets available for current and future researchers,

  • as real-world examples
  • to simplify the creation of keys for the same taxonomic group but different regions
  • as examples when defining character datasets

Using datasets from this cite is licensed under a creative commons license. This requires that the original dataset and its authors are being cited, and that the results of modifying them is again shared with the scientific community. If the dataset is available in multiple places, or if the author states a preferred citation, the citation does need to point to this repository.

See also Open repository for Navikey datasets (Navikey uses the DELTA format, but needs some additional xml configuration files).

Contributions so far: