Myrianida convoluta

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Ordo: Aciculata
Familia: Syllidae
Genus: Myrianida


Myrianida convoluta (Cognetti, 1953)Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

Material examined

GCPG198, (2), on artificial substrate (PVC pipe), 1 m depth; BMC101, (1), inside dead Millepora alcicornis, 1–2 m depth.


Length to 2.6 mm,width 0.2 mm. Body slender with up to 14 chaetigers, without stolons. Prostomium with a pair of anterior eyespots and two posterior pairs of lentigerous eyes in trapezoidal arrangement. Median antenna longer than lateral ones. Palps fused. Nuchal organs extending to chaetiger 2. Dorsal tentacular cirri as long as lateral antennae; ventral ones shorter. Dorsal cirri of chaetiger 1 as long as median antenna, remaining dorsal cirri short, digitiform. Compound bidentate chaetae with short serrated blades, with small distal tooth and broad subdistal one (Fig. 4.11). Slender bayonet chaetae from chaetiger 4–11 (Fig. 4.12). Pharynx with many circumvolutions. Trepan with 9 equal teeth. Proventriculus in chaetigers 8–10 with 19–20 rows of muscle cells. Pygidium with a pair of anal cirri.


North Pacific, Suez Canal, Japan, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Great Caribbean.

Taxon Treatment

  • Liñero-Arana, I; Díaz Díaz, O; 2011: Syllidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Caribbean coast of Venezuela ZooKeys, 117: 1-28. doi

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