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Ordo: Gastropoda
Familia: Hygromiidae
Genus: Monacha


Monacha bari Forcart, 1981Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

Type specimens

bari: paratype MHNB 11167a.

Specimens examined

NMBE 508040/11, below Barouk Cedar Forest, 33.7042°N, 35.6997°E, 1310 m alt., 29.10.2011; NMBE 508039/4, Qaroun Lake, 33.551°N, 35.682°E, 870 m alt., 21.08.2008.


shell small, spire slightly elevated, teleoconch has a faint white spiral band and fine axial riblets, umbilicus narrow closed by columellar callus.


shell small, spire conical, slightly elevated; protoconch consists of 1.5 smooth whorls; shell colour light brown to reddish brown, sometimes with a faint white spiral band at the periphery of the last whorl; teleoconch with fine axial riblets and a pattern of fine spiral threads (only visible under higher magnification); suture deep, simple; teleoconch with up to seven tightly coiled whorls; last whorl slightly bending towards the aperture; aperture broadly oval, reinforced by a white lip; peristomial rim sharply bounded, simple; umbilicus narrow, closed by a triangular columellar callus.
Measurements. Paratype Monacha bari figured: H = 6.9; D = 10.13; PH = 2.83; PD = 5.5. Fig. 16: H = 6.05; D = 10.19; PH = 2.94; PD =6.05.


This species is here recorded for the first time for Lebanon. It seems to be restricted to higher altitudes up to the alpine region of the highest mountains in the Eastmediterranean.


The coordinates of the type locality of Monacha bari given by Forcart are erroneous, in fact they should be approximately at 33.3088°N, 35.7596°E. After careful examination of the paratypes of Monacha bari from the collection of Forcart (housed in the Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland), the recently collected specimens from Lebanon are here identified with this species. It is not possible to find any shell character that could justify a separation of the populations on specific level.

Taxon Treatment

  • Neubert, E; Bariche, M; 2013: On the Monacha species of Lebanon (Gastropoda, Hygromiidae) ZooKeys, 311: 1-18. doi