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Ordo: Eunicida
Familia: Lumbrineridae
Genus: Gesaneris


Gesaneris malayensis Rullier, 1969Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile

  • Gesaneris malayensis Carrera-Parra, Luis F., 2006, Zootaxa 1332: 17-18.

Materials Examined

Material examined. Syntypes of Lumbriconereis malayensis, Malaysia, P 5, T 100 / 11, 20 May 1968, Univ. Malaya, Dept. Zoology; one specimen (MNHN A 526 UB 350), slide with anterior end (IEA-Y 27), slide with a posterior segment (IEA-Y 27 ’).


Description. Syntype almost complete with 326 chaetigers, L 10 =2.2 mm, W 10 =0.7 mm. Prostomium conical, twice as long as wide, with pair of nuchal organs, ventrally with small buccal lips. Peristomium shorter than prostomium, first ring longer than second. All parapodia well developed but very small, notopodia blunt, with notoaciculae. Prechaetal lobe inconspicuous, almost rounded in all parapodia; postchaetal lobes in parapodia 1–21 digitiform, longer than prechaetal lobe, from parapodium 22 decreasing in length gradually, from parapodium 30 both lobes of similar size (Figures 4 A–B). Simple multidentate hooded hooks from chaetiger 30, with up to 11 teeth, proximal tooth largest; with short hood (Figure 4 C); dorsal limbate chaetae in chaetigers 1–33, ventral limbate chaetae in chaetigers 1–24. Aciculae yellow, aristate, up to three in anterior parapodia and one in posterior. Mandible fused for about half its length. Maxillary apparatus with four pairs of maxillae (Figure 4 D); maxillary carriers as long as MI, joined to base of MI, constricted in middle. MI forceps-like, without attachment lamella. MII stout, with three teeth, shorter than MI, with ligament and with narrow attachment lamella along 1 / 3 of posterior lateral edge. MIII unidentate, with attachment lamella narrow, along 1 / 4 of posterior lateral edge. MIV unidentate, with whitish central area.


Remarks. This species was originally described as a member of Lumbrineris (= Lumbriconereis spelling variant), but it has a very different architecture of jaw apparatus (see above) and lacks composite multidentate hooded hooks.


Distribution. Malaysia.

Taxon Treatment

  • Carrera-Parra, Luis F.; 2006: Phylogenetic analysis of Lumbrineridae Schmarda, 1861 (Annelida: Polychaeta), Zootaxa 1332: 17-18. doi
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