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Ordo: Lamiales
Familia: Gesneriaceae
Genus: Cyrtandra


Cyrtandra nukuhivensis F. Br., Bernice P. Bishop Mus. Bull. 130: 274. 1935.Wikispecies linkPensoft Profile


Marquesas Islands: Nuku Hiva: Rain forest, 800 m, September 1922, E.H. Quayle 1233 [1293] (holotype: BISH-509954!; isotypes: BISH!, BKL).


Shrubs (1.5–) 2–5 m tall; stems usually few. Leaves opposite, borne on upper 4–8 nodes, elliptic, occasionally elliptic-oblanceolate, 14–24.5 × 5–7.5 cm, glabrate, upper surface glossy, dark green, lower surface pale green, margins serrulate, apex rounded and usually with acuminate tip, base attenuate, petioles 3–6 cm. Flowers in congested cymes 2.0–7 cm arising in the upper leaf axils, flowers 1–9, ferruginous pubescent, quickly glabrate, peduncles 10–35 mm long, ca. 1–2 mm in diameter, pedicels 2–18 mm, bracts triangular, ca. 3–5 mm; calyx ellipsoid, white, plicate, 15–23 mm long, the lobes 6–11 mm long, deciduous after anthesis; corolla broadly funnelform, tube ca. 22–30 mm, slightly exceeding the calyx, the lobes ca. 8–10 mm long; style ca. 3 mm long, pubescent. Young berry cylindrical-ovoid, 10–18 mm long.


Marquesas Islands, uncommon, endemic to Nuku Hiva, Toovii Plateau to Mt. Ooumu, from 800 to 1150 m.


Cyrtandra nukuhivensis is known from montane wet forest with Metrosideros collina (J. R. Forst. & G. Forst.) A. Gray and Weinmannia marquesana F. Br. forest with diverse fern understory along with other shrubs and trees such as species of Cheirodendron, Coprosma, Crossostylis, Ilex, Melicope, and Xylosma.

Conservation status

IUCN Red List Category: Endangered EN B1ab (i,ii,iii) + 2 ab (i,ii,iii): B2: total area of occupancy less than 5000 km2 (ca. 340 km2). B1a, severely fragmented; B1b (i–iii), habitat continuing decline inferred. The suitable habitat for Cyrtandra nukuhivensis on Nuku Hiva (ca. 340 km2), is restricted to mountain slopes and summits, indicated as an endangered environment that is threatened by human activity (deforestation and fire), feral animals, and invasive plants, reducing the extent of the forest (Florence and Lorence 1997[1]; Mueller-Dombois and Fosberg 1998[2]; Meyer and Salvat 2009[3]).

Specimens examined

Marquesas Islands. Nuku Hiva: Toovii, 800 m, Quayle 1293 (BISH [2]); Toovii, flanc N de l’épaulement SE du Mt. Ooumu, 960 m, 29 May 1984, Florence 6851 (BISH, P); Toovii, épaulement S du Mt. Ooumu, 930 m, 8°51'S, 140°8'W, 8 December 1982, Florence 4337 (BISH [2], K, NY, P, US); Toovii, flanc SE du Mt. Ooumu, 1020 m, 8°50'S, 140°09'W, 11 March 1986, Florence 7523 (BISH, US); Toovii Plateau, spur of Mt. Ooumu, 950 m, 18 July 1977, Gagné 1104 (BISH) Gagné 930 m, 1105 (BISH, US); Toovii Plateau, l’Economie Rurale, summit, above new road, on crest, 1152 m, 16 July 1988, Perlman, Wagner, Lorence & Florence 10100 (BISH, E, MO, PAP, PTBG, US); ravine en forêt de Toovii, 2 March 1973, Hallé 2073 (US); between Taiohae Bay and Hooumi Bay, 900 m, 20 July 1977, Gagné & Montgomery 1160 (BISH); S slope of Mt. Tapuaooa, 10 July 1970, Gillett 2178 (BISH, US); Mt. Ooumu, 3500 ft, 28 March 1960, Decker 376 (BISH, US [2]); Toovii, Ooumu area, top of Tapueahu Valley off new hwy, 1067–1128 m, 8°51'S, 140°19'W, 20–22 September 1995, Wood & Perlman 4626, (PAP, PTBG, US, WU); Ooumu area, top of Tapueahu Valley off new Hwy, 1067–1128 m, 8°51'53"S, 140°10'6.3"W, 23 June 1997, Wood, Meyer, Luce & Tetuanui 6340 (PTBG); summit of ridge S of Tekao, 0.5 mile N New Airport Road, between Airport Road & Tekao, main ridge above Toovii, 1128 m, 25 September 1995, Perlman & Wood 15060 (BISH, P, PAP, PTBG, US, WU); along new Airport road, along summit crest above Toovii, Peak #1227 M., summit of Mts. S of Tekao, 1122 m, 22 September 1995, Perlman & Wood 15034 (BISH, MO, P, PAP, PTBG [2], US, WU).


Cyrtandra nukuhivensis is delimited in a more restricted way than previously and is here considered to be endemic to Nuku Hiva. The Ua Pou plants are here considered a distinct, but closely related species.

Taxon Treatment

  • Wagner, W; Wagner, A; Lorence, D; 2013: Revision of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) in the Marquesas Islands PhytoKeys, 30: 33-64. doi

Other References

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