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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Buprestidae


Cobosina Bílý, 2013 gen. n.Wikispecies linkZooBank linkPensoft Profile

Type species

Anthaxia (Cylindrophora) willineri Cobos, 1972 by present designation.


Small (4.25 mm), subcylindrical, rather convex, subparallel, entirely asetose.
Head small, mouth parts small, only slightly visible, partly retracted into head; frontoclypeal portion of head rathed reduced, clypeus very short, widely transverse, with straight anterior margin; frons strongly convex; vertex about twice as wide as width of eye; eyes rather large, elliptical, not projecting beyond outline of head; antennae very short, reaching anterior third of pronotal margins when laid alongside; antennomeres 4–11 obtusely triangular to trapezoidal, wider than long.
Pronotum strongly convex, lateral margins without lateral carina; lateroposterior depressions almost indistinct, “agriloid” carina very short, flat; prosternum with very narrow, transverse groove just behind anterior margin; prosternal proceess flat, short, nearly triangular, not widened behind procoxae. Scutellum small, longer than wide.
Elytra moderately convex, with small humeral swellings; basal transverse depression wide, nearly reaching scutellum; elytral apices separately, widely rounded, with very fine apical serrations; posthumeral carina short, flat, weakly defined, reaching only level of metacoxae; elytral epipleura very narrow, scarcely visible, reaching posterior fourth of elytra.
Anal ventrite wider than long, slightly truncate apically, with very fine, lateral serrations; legs simple, male metatibiae not modified; tarsal claws thin, simple, as long as half of terminal tarsomere; aedeagus (Fig. 30) very short, widely spindle-shaped, with the maximum width at the posterior third of the parameres, which are sharply pointed; medial lobe wide, pointed apically, without lateral serrations.


The genus Cobosina gen. n. (feminine) is named in honour of my late colleague and well-known specialist in the taxonomy of the Neotropical Buprestidae, Prof Antonio Cobos Sánchez (Almería, Spain).

Differential diagnosis

Although the genus Cobosina gen. n. resembles very much some European species of the genus Anthaxia (see below) it shares some principal characters with the Neotropical Anthaxiini: completely asetose body (only a few species of Anthaxia from south-eastern Asia are entirely asetose), prolonged scutellum which is longer than wide, narrow and shortened elytral epipleura, “agriloid” carina, posthumeral carina (the latter two rather reduced), obtusely rounded elytral apex and simple, spindle-shaped aedeagus.
The genus Cobosina gen. n. differs from other genera of the Neotropical Anthaxiina by the small, non-prognathous mouth parts which are partly retracted into the head, reduced, very short clypeus which is not separate from the frons (most of the Neotropical Anthaxiina are more or less prognathous), by the asetose protibiae (very often with the brush-like, stiff, pale setae on inner margin of protibiae in other Anthaxiina, namely Agrilaxia– Fig. 33) and last but not least by the clearly Anthaxia-like appearance.


Argentina, Brasil.

Original Description

  • Bílý, S; 2013: A study on the Neotropical Anthaxiini (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Buprestinae) ZooKeys, 304: 17-47. doi