Allopachria quadripustulata

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Allopachria quadripustulata Foto: Suprayitno, BALI_NS_2016_09


Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Dytiscidae
Subfamilia: Hydroporinae
Tribus: Hyphydrini
Genus: Allopachria

Selected species

Allopachria quadripustulata

Type locality

Indonesia> West Sumatra > Siberut > betw. Toteburu & Bakeoluk

Type material

Neotypus in Natural History Museum Vienna.

DNA Sequences




Habitat & Distribution

The species was collected from a shaded stream margin with volcanic gravel and roots, that site can be strongly flooded after rain (Hendrich & Balke 1995, Bali: Ubud, Monkey Forest, this site was revisited by Suprayitno several times but without beetle observations which might be due to heavy pollution of the stream). A similar habitat was encountered in Manggis at locality BALI_NS_2016_09

The species is known from Indonesia: Sumatra, Siberut, Bali, Flores.

Bali Localities


  • Zimmermann, A. 1924: Neue Dytisciden aus dem malayischen Archipel. (Col.). Entomologische Mitteilungen 13: 193-195.